Where is the Ninth Supercharger?

When I look at the Tesla page on superchargers,, I see 8 supercharger sites, 6 on the west coast and 2 on the east coast. I have read any number of stories discussing the company and its stock which refer to there being 9 superchargers.

They can't mean individual superchargers because there are multiple superchargers at each site. So they have to be referring to 9 sites. Any idea to what they might be referring?

Technically, I believe there are two Superchargers at The Milford, Ct location...One on either side of the highway.

Yeah, kind of funny.. Tesla's own Supercharger page says, "Nine stations are currently active, expanding to over 100 stations in 2015." But, Milford, CT is listed twice under the locations.

Yep.. that explains it. Closer examination shows "northbound" and "southbound."

Well there's Normal:

(How odd is it to be called the Normal City Council?)

Named after Abe, Ab for short?

Hi hamer:

Other states has only 1 Supercharger station for cars coming from all direction.

However, Milford, CT has two: One for Northbound, another one for Southbound.

Too many for one location! No wonder the New York Times reporter Broder kept circling the parking lot and complained that he couldn't find them! Imagine if he hunts for one in other states!

I thought I saw a Canadian location that was operational...can't find the thread.

Aren't there also 2 sets of superchargers at the Harris Ranch location? One original single SC at the Shell station and the new set of 6 somewhere nearby. I plan to check them out next month!

Does anyone know how to find out how many charger ports there are at the CT and DE locations? This would be my area of travel, but I'm concerned that if there is only one or two ports, I may have to wait an hour before I can even charge my car.



There are 4 chargers (4 ports) all together at the Newark, DE site which is one large rest area in the middle of 95 that services both the north and southbound sides of the interstate.

In Milford,CT there are 2 chargers (2 ports) on each side of the the highway. There are 2 rest areas - 1 services the northbound side and another services the southbound side -- for a total of 4 chargers (4 ports).

If you were to arrive at the Northbound Milford CT rest area and both are being used - you can simply drive 1/2 mile up 95 and get off at the exit and then get back on the southbound side and go the 1/2 mile to the other rest area and use the other chargers. When you're done, you can drive south to te next exit and switch back to 96 northbound.


I will be surprised if there aren't any between Seattle and Portland and/or the Canadian border soon as the northwest is a pretty big market for Tesla, I think.

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