Where is

Haven t heard/seen any wisdom from Volker for a while, feel lost!

If this doesn't get him to surface, try starting your thread with "I can't find this mentioned anywhere on the forum ............." That's Volker bait.

vouteb and bobinfla: +1 Where oh where in the world is Volker?

I've been wondering, too!

he saw the EU pricing and beta bedbugs and moved on ;^)

I can't find this listed anywhere--What is the milage or KW degeneration each time A full range charge is used. Is there degeneration if the range charge is used for a short time to raise the 85 KW Battery to 270 miles?

or maybe just in holiday :-)

Received car... interest in forums dropped to near zero ???

volkerize him...

We need to keep this thread bumped so it's at the top when he gets back.

Are there any similar threads for him to reference for us? ;)

@lightly - that's a great idea! We should have about four threads for this topic and then reference them IN this thread, and they should each have references TO this thread. It's a loop that might break his logical mind! Kind of like when Spock was in heat.....

He's with Waldo.

Found him:


Maybe it's something we said. Better still, I'll bet it's something YOU said. :' |

Well I think he's a huge attribute to the forum - I just don't think he's entirely human....

Who is Volker Berlin?

Volker.Berlin, part man, part myth, part legend. He is the missing search feature for this forum. Memorized every post ever put here, and provides links to old threads for all us mere mortals who can't remember where, or if we saw something before.

Personal guess is his family put him into a rehab clinic for Teslaholics.

John Peterson ;D

We want Volker! We want Volker! ;)

GDH | January 10, 2013

Who is Volker Berlin?

Ah, fresh meat. How is your grammar GDH?

I do miss him. Perhaps just a holiday.

The last post of volker was 2 days ago on the german board:

Dr. Bob;
Nice try! The answer is nobody knows yet. It's probably somewhat variable based on other conditions.

Hi, guys! I'm fine, thanks for asking! :-) Wow, being missed so much is overwhelming. That alone was worth it, you sure give my ego a boost.

Seriously, I'm on cold turkey. I decided it's about time before I start ruining my family and career. Actually, I miss you, too, and I was so close to creating a "goodbye" thread, but then decided that this is a) too far off topic and b) probably counter productive.

Thank you to ManuVince for sending me a private message about this thread. You are welcome to reach out to me by way of private message either at TMC or TFF, if you feel like it. Same handle as here.

We had a great time while it lasted, and now I'll continue my offline diet for some time and see how it goes. Enjoy your Model Ses. I'll let you know when I have mine and what I think about it then. May the Force be with you!

Volker.Berlin - I will miss you very, very much on this forum. I hope you return in the not too distant future. But family and career certainly come first no matter what. Good luck to you and God Bless you.

VB's leadership continues. Maybe there is a message in here for the rest of us.

Well, maybe when the car arrives, but until then...

Is VB Elon in disguised!?


thank you for your helpful insignts.
Now it is time to start a thread "who in the heck is BrianH"

Good to hear from you Volker.

~ Prash.

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