Why I am long on TSLA (sorry shorts)

So, my MS was ready the week of July 15, unfortunately we ended up going on vacation that week and would not be back until the following Saturday. Because of this, I switched from picking it up in Fremont to getting it home delivered. I expected the first available delivery date to be the following Monday, but on a whim, I asked if they could deliver the MS on Sunday. Lo and behold, my MS was delivered yesterday by a nice man and his son--he normally takes cars to auto shows.

So, why am I long on TSLA? Well, outside of believing in the vision and the technology, two things became apparent:
1) TSLA gets that customer service is key to bridging any stumbles they have as they scale up
2) The fact that an employee was willing to burn 4 hrs of his Sunday to deliver my car speaks volumes about the dedication of TSLA employees--bear in mind, the guy was totally cool about things--very friendly and talkative--if he had any resentment about having to work on a weekend, he hid it really, really well.



Are there any shorts on this board other than those occasional trolls?

Some "analysts" say Tesla stock is too expensive even if they can produce 300K-500K cars a year down the road. What they have missed is do you think Elon will say OK 500K cars a year is good enough let's stop now when he gets there? I don't think so! He's the one who will go to the moon if anyone could. Well he will even go to the mars.

carlk +1

Just point to the product.

It speaks for itself better than Elon or George or any words can describe.

It must be driven to be believed.

Haha no offense but I thought this might include some actual analysis of the stock. Well cheerio then! Congrats!

I don't analyze stocks. I analyze companies. Appropriate stock selections generally follow.

And I analyze people, the leader of a company which I invest. So long as Elon Musk is the captain of the TM ship, I am long and enjoy the rough stock market sea voyage.


I invest in a product that I actually understand and like. I think other people will like it too.

I just wish I could afford more than the 16 shares I currently own.

Does your account allow options purchases? Buy a buncha calls.

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