Why no power opening for the " Frunk"? Or even cooling for this area?

The tech package omits this? It is likely to require opening on a daily basis, especially if a 3 rd row of seats is fitted and children are carpooled. Opening the hood of an ICE is a fiddly and heavy in operation and I don't see this car being any different in that regard, Jaguar had cooled trunks many years ago, great for all climates that a human prefers to live in, rather than a polar bear. Grocery shopping without spoiling the food?
This area is a secure zone, which a parcel shelf does not really achieve. My B class Merc has a removable blind to achieve this and is a nuisance, only used when absolutely unavoidable.

I'm guessing its because the back trunk lid is much heavier and larger and takes more effort to open than the frunk.

Max Mindel,

dborn, frunk cooling would be... cool. :-) Although I have to say that I'd prefer a cooled storage space that is reachable from the drivers seat, such as a small fridge in the center console (sic!) or in the glove box, provided it is large enough to store some ice cream and/or beverages in it. I understand that both places would be too small to store your groceries, but if I had to choose, the in-cabin solution would seem more useful to me. I don't usually drive my groceries on a siteseeing tour for hours on end... ;-)

Regarding power opening option for the frunk, it would certainly add to the coolness! I agree that I expect to use the frunk at least as often as the trunk, if not more frequently. However even without power opening, I am not worried that it will be as fiddly and heavy to open as your next best engine hood. It isn't an engine hood, it is a front trunk lid, and as such should open and close just as quickly and easily as any trunk, even without power.

In any case, the coolness factor of a power-opening/closing frunk would be *extremely* hard to beat...!!

I had forgotten about the frunk being secure; no need for the parcel shelf, which is annoying.

Also, the security guards at the airport will never think to look in the frunk.

I think the frunk has to have a 2 part opening system like a normal hood so that it can't be accidentally opened while driving and obstruct your view. I think this is a safety issue.

Leofingal ... Exactly my point. There has to be a safety catch for a rear hinged hood lid. A front hinged lid has been tried in the distant past and was abandoned I think because it was unsafe in a crash as the edge could rise and be a guillotine!!!!

This video shows a "Front Trunk" button next to a "Rear Trunk" button in the 17" GUI. I guess that means that the frunk is also powered, at least with the Tech Package installed.

(Follow-up: I did not see any frunk temperature control though, at least in this video.)

I think that's just the hood release. I doubt it will be powered and definitely doubt it will be temperature controlled.

I think it is time to revisit this issue. The lack of console has been done to death!
A push button on the key fob or perhaps in the phone app would do it. Essentially a power release same as on most other cars. The opening does not need to be powered, but good gas struts need to be present to make it easy. This would address safety regulatory requirements if designed correctly.
Lots has been written by the polar bears about snow. A goodly portion of humanity lives in warm climates including in the USA. We will have the ability to remotely control the temp of the cabin from the phone app. It is really not such a stretch to include the frunk. An extra duct, Y connector, an extra relay and duct valve and you are done. Maybe not on release of the car, but surely this can be considered for implementation "down the road" and possibly made to be retrofittable? Just leave an opening in the firewall or wherever the air con unit is situated.
Come on you warm climate people - lets hear from you!!

Given the huge amount of space in the main portion of the car and that the 'trunk' is climate controlled as well since this is a hatchback... WHY?!

Why do you need every space in this car climate controlled? What are you going to put there that you wouldn't put in the hatchback?

Perishables, things you don't want flying around the car on a long trip such as cans of soft drink, things you don't want in plain sight , or groceries if you are not going straight home, but don't want to cool the whole car.

Aha, back to the front refrigerator idea.

Parcel shelf solves the plain site problem, but the refrigeration problem would need special care.

I say make it an option! About $1000 should cover it, I'd think. Not something I'd need, but could be useful for folks.

Also useful for picnics. A small fridge there is actually a good dea, but not for the purpose I had in mind.
How abou t usability and ease of opening?

I actually prefer the small # of parts approach because I tend to keep cars for a very long time. Therefore the simplest, most durable opening mechanism for me.

I don't know if I'll ever use the frunk. Maybe for things that I would never plan to use but should keep on hand just-in-case: tire chains, emergency road kit, etc.

I do have a small fridge that goes in the footwell behind the seat of my current car, or in the trunk. It hooks to the 12V and I have connections in center console and in the trunk. I use it maybe 3x a year. I expect I'll use it in the Tesla too.

I need the Frunk refrigerated and able to hold a seal for the dead bodies I plan on hauling around.....

pedestrians who didn't hear you coming?

There is a school for the blind 2 blocks from my house!

BTW (referring to the video link I posted above), I don't think it's powered, but the release is on the touchscreen, and you can see that it fully opens with one press. That's not to say that's the final design though.

As Leofringal mentioned It is possible that a secondary manual latch could help prevent accidental opening while driving, but I don't really think that's necessary.

Usability wise, the frunk is meant to be used like the trunk, so it should open with one action. It would be pretty annoying if it worked like the hood of most cars. How to the hoods of rear-engine cars normally work?

I prefer the frunk to be made into a hot tub. Hey ladies.

From a safety standpoint, I like the idea of the Frunk opening like a conventional hood. If it turns out to open like a conventional trunk lid, then I hope the touch screen and key fob actuation is disabled after a predetermined speed is reached, like maybe 10mph. I also hope I can disable the touch screen actuation manually so it doesn't accidentally get triggered in stop and go traffic by a passenger exploring the wonders of the touch screen while I'm driving and paying attention to the road.

Steven, the frunk release should be disabled unless in PARK. I expect this is a regulation. If it isn't it should be.

given the video showing the reese and popping of the frunk from the touchscreen, that answers one of my concerns, provided one can achieve the same thing from outside the car - i.e. from the key fob or iPhone app. I don't see why not, given that it appears to be an electric release and not cable driven.

Pool in the frunk? Kiss the 300 mile range goodbye but hello bragging rights!!

@JasonS - "Why do you need every space in this car climate controlled? What are you going to put there that you wouldn't put in the hatchback?"

8th passenger.

Watch from about 1:47 (olanmills)

BOAAH! :-) I was a the show but I missed that part. Too bad. So obviously the frunk does open by itself, at least in this particular beta model. I'm not sure its actually powered, it may be (gas) spring loaded, which is entirely fine as far as I'm concerned.

I recently had about $5000 of property (all in one computer bag) stolen from my RAV4-EV while it was parked in a friend's driveway. The RAV has no secure storage at all. Break a window, and you can get to anything in the car. I would love to use the "frunk" every day as the place that I put my laptop bag when I drive to and from work and on errands.

For this purpose, a release button on the key fob would be *extremely* useful. I don't need it to motor up, but I would certainly like it to be able to be unlatched as I walk to the car and press a button.

I would use this far more often than the power rear gate. In fact, if the fob can't open both, then I would be happy if I could assign the button to either unlatch the frunk or open the gate.

By the way, regarding the video, I think the guy in the gray shirt standing in front of the car bends down just before the guy pushes the button, and he lifts the hood once it unlatches.

(Obviously, I am also assuming that the frunk can't be opened if you smash your way into the car, unless you have the key fob.)

Lol. I love the guy saying "No, it's not working" when he reaches for the sunroof control at the end. When I was sitting in one of the betas with a sales guy he said the same thing, right after I hit the point of no return on my finger reaching for the control (his comment registered a few milliseconds after I touched the button). And, guess what - actually it was working. ;) But, he quickly hit the close button. I guess "not working" means "will likely slide off the back of the car if we let it open too far" or something...

The great thing about the frunk is that only the cognoscenti will have any idea that there's anything other than a hulking ICE up there. A truly secure spot!

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