Wow! How did you guys pick a color!!!!!?

Took a drive down to our local service center this afternoon with my wife and looked at all the cars sitting in front of the building in the sun. We saw Red, Black, Grey, Silver, Pearl White and Blue. Everything but brown and green.

We were able to get a nice look at all of them in the bright sunlight rather than on a showroom floor.

The grey was stunning. Regal. Sophisticated. Easily the best lines showing of any color. Wow did I love the grey!

The red is striking. My wife says the red is her "10". Any other color starts at "6". Ugh. I'm not a fan of red cars (look at me, look at me!) but boy is she!

The pearl white is just a lovely color. The little specs of color in there when you look closely are so nice. The car looks really clean.

Blue. Whoa. Is it black? Nope. Well, maybe it is. The blue was like the best of both worlds - black when you want it to be and blue when you want it to be.

Silver. Didn't do anything for either of us. Just wasn't to either of our liking.

Black. This was my favorite going in but my wife said it would be a nightmare to maintain and I'm lazy! This black car was d i r t y! It had water spots all over it and was very dusty. She was right. It also hid the lines of the car when compared with the grey and white. Ok, I'm not a fan of the black anymore. She wins that one!

So we sat there and looked at each other and I said "What'd we learn? I'm ordering a car on Monday and don't know what color!" She said if it were her decision and her car alone it would be red - hands down. I said for me it would be grey but we both feared that grey would become boring after a year. So we both pretty much liked the pearl white. The blue was awesome but would be trouble to keep clean.

Oh well, I guess I'll tell you on Monday what button I hit and then how much remorse I had 5 minutes later! How you guys made the choice I'll never know!!!!

My wife picked grey for me and I didn't argue.

Don't get Red. I don't want every car out there to be like mine.;)

My wife picked Pearl White and we went with it although it cost $1500 extra. I am glad we did because it really shows off the lines of the car and those pearl flecks shining in bright day light or when lights hit it at night are gorgeous!

Hah hah! Two awesome comments!

I literally had the same exact conversation. Gray won't show dirt. Pearl white is fantastic. Red is so nice but too loud.

Eventually settled on grey but would have been happy with Blue (argh the every day washing!!!).

Hard choice but I had to choose easy to maintain and low profile. Maybe red for the model X.

I picked the grey, but my wife decided it will be blue. Guess she's washing it daily... ;)
(Oh, and the car will be parked outside under some trees with a lot of birds sleeping in it at night so that'll be fun)

I wanted a color that was understated like the Pope' shoes. Therefore I chose red.

My husband wanted the silver, most of our past 25 cars have been silver, once we had 4 silvers at one time. Our kids begged, no more silver cars please! We decided on the gray...its so beautiful! Dust it everyday...Our neighbors were shocked that we didn't get another silver....

Wow ... you went from silver to gray ... livin on the wild side ehh ;-))

I say Red all the way !!

Was torn between white and grey. This was the hardest choice of all for the car and ultimately went with the grey because I wanted a color that showed a bit more the car's curves.

I picked white because didn't want to pay extra for other colors. And black color wasn't for me it absolves too much heat during the summer. :)

I'm not a fan of the MC red, just too bright for me. LOVE the sig red but didn't want to pay the premium or be such an early adopter. Grey was my 1st choice for a non-sig color. Someone on the forum said it used to be called Tiburon Grey which is shark grey in Spanish. Coincidental as I call my MS my Tesla LandShark! Still love the grey after 5 months of ownership. The car is unbelievable, can't believe its actually mine sometimes!

I was at black for a while, but I'm lazy too and while it is stunning from the videos I've seen, it is still a more demanding look. So when I made my final selection earlier this week it was grey. Good to hear this praise as I have not seen it in real life myself. Thanks! :)))

I guess any color is "invisible" to yourself after the first 14 days. A key consideration is then resale value. I would have loved green or brown myself, but assume that is a harder resell.

Dark blue + grey. Luxurious, sunny Californian , wash weekly for zen.

@RedShift Same for us. Dark blue metallic blue & grey leather. The wife loves blue and how the color presents itself in different light is kind of fun.

@RedShift - Really? You chose a color that is polar opposite from your handle???

@TommyBoy - I had the opposite experience with da boss. She forbade me from getting the MC red. Guess what? I got the red anyway.

I only got the cold shoulders for few days before she turned around to admit the MC red is the perfect color to show off the curves for the MS. Like all mistresses, they are gorgeous in red.

Unlike in Cali, there aren't too many red in the East Coast yet.

Oops, one too many blues.

I picked white because of the contrast. While other colors may show lines better, I love the contrast with the black nose cone and pano roof. I think the CF spoiler looks great on white also.

I went with black as most cars I've had were always black. I still think clean....nothing looks better than a clean black car. But you do make great points about the need to keep it clean as everything shows up on it.

If I didn't go with the Black I would have gone with the Pearl White which I think is gorgeous as well.

Really with the Model S I don't think you can go wrong with any color. Beautiful car and amazing technology.

Went with white after toiling with the grey, actually had confirmed the order in grey and called a week later to change it, echo the comments that the contrast looks good and think even looks better with the window tinting. Have not taken delivery yet so hoping that I like it. Good thing is....there is like 1 other model s within 150mi of me so I won't be driving around with color remorse seeing other drivers :))

I really like silver and originally built my car in silver, then went to the dealer in Seattle to finalize and they had a red one and my wife loved that red, so that's what we got. I love it and I didn't normally like red. It's bright at times and deep at times, depending on the lighting. I also really like the gray when I first saw it in person and also really like the blue, but too high maintenance to keep clean. The pearl white is nice too. I don't think you can go wrong with any color.

I've always loved charcoal/graphite gray cars. They hide dirt yet still show off sheet-metal lines and details well. Plus, they're very much a "sleeper" never expect much from a gray car the way you do red or yellow or orange.

That said, all but the silver and black (currently have a black car...never again!) had me seriously considering them. The blue is amazing, the green is really special, and the brown...WOW!...I never thought a brown car could be that pretty.

My only wish is that Tesla offered more colors my wife would like, such as an ice blue.

I live in the South so I need a color that reflects the most and that is white (pearl white) or silver. Plus less load on the AC. I think the white would less likely to fade, though scratches on the silver would be less likely to show, especially on AL. Went for the pearl white. For the Model X, I will go with silver.

Red looked nice too, but it would attract too much attention, especially from the police, though a lot of the speed traps are automated now. White maintains a low profile, like silver.

Left to my own devices, would have probably gone with black/tan or black/grey, but wifey said red or blue - went with the MC Red/tan.


Consider where you'll be looking at the car the most.

At night, outside, black is cool, and you won't notice the dirt.

Inside, at least inside the Tesla factory seeing all the different cars in the process of being assembled, red was amazing. I say this as someone who generally hates red cars -- the red car in the factory stopped me in my tracks.

In the sun, blue seems really nice.

If it's not sunny, or if you're parked in the shade, the gray is stunning. However, when I see one on the road, it's not quite as special.

For me, black worked best with the shape. It was also the color of the first one I saw, so maybe it just defined the car. The world's fastest piano?

Another question is this: when you buy your second one, what color will it be?

' Really? You chose a color that is polar opposite from your handle???'

Tail lights- watch my tail lights and analyze the wavelength to determine how fast I am moving away ;-)

I struggled with this decision, too. I went with blue which definitely does require a weekly wash.

The red is amazing but I didn't want to draw attention to myself and thought it would be flashy. Little did I know that a Tesla of any color draws oodles of attention.

The pearl white is gorgeous but I prioritized cheap just slightly over lazy.

Truth is, they are all amazing, but I do love the blue. It looks black at night, blue during the day and almost a little bit purple in low light.

Aloha - I thought I was crazy, but I love that baaaarely purplish hue in low light, which is what finally convinced me to order blue. I love the look of the red, but it's not me.


We picked silver, to us this a good contrast with the black top and silver wheels. Glad that there aren't too many silvers on the road :)

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