Charging Notice

Thank you for purchasing a High Power Wall Connector and Twin Chargers for your Model S. This combination enables the fastest home charging possible.

With firmware versions 5.6 or later, your car will no longer limit charging to 60 amps automatically. Please feel free to raise your charging current to 80 amps as needed.

Why was charging limited?

We had previously discovered that charging at high current could cause a fuse to trip in our High Power Wall Connector. As a preventative measure, we recommended that you limit charging to 60 amps or lower until we had a better understanding of the root cause.

We have since determined that only a very small percentage of customers are potentially affected, and are revising our guidance based on this information.

What if I have problems charging?

In the unlikely event that you are unable to charge from your High Power Wall Connector, please contact your local service center.

High Power Wall Connector Photo

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