Electric Vehicle Incentives around the world

Select your location to learn more about incentives for the purchase and ownership of an electric car. Common EV incentives include tax credits, rebates, free parking, and unrestricted access to high occupancy commuter lanes on major roadways.



  • Financial

    $7,500 US Federal Tax Credit

    The US government offers a $7,500 federal tax credit with the purchase of a new Tesla acquired for personal use.

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EV Incentives in Georgia

    Income tax credit of up to $5,000 is available for electric vehicle purchasers Learn More
    Tax credit equal to 10% of the cost of electric vehicle charging equipment allowed against the tax imposed on a business enterprise for charging equipment located in the state and accessible to the public. ($2,500 ma Learn More
    Electric vehicle owners displaying proper alternative fuel license plates may use Georgia's HOV lanes without meeting the occupancy restrictions Learn More
    Georgia Power offers a reduced plug-in electric vehicle time-of-use electricity rate for electric vehicles. Learn More

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