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A 5 not a 5 in v4.3??

Anyone noticed a problem with fan power using AC climate control. Previously blasting AC on a fan setting of 6 or 7 really blew. Now it's barely medium strength.
Additionally, the fan indicator that used to coordinate with the speed you set (up to 4 blades) no longer is accurate. I only have 2 shaded blades when setting fan speed to 5 or 6.

Turn off range driving mode. That limits your fan to maximize range.

I heard rumblings of the fan scale changing from 8 levels to 11 levels. Is it possible that you're just experiencing the effects of the fan scale changing?

It's possible I'm seeing those scaled effects, tho going to 7 was really not strong at all.
It doesn't explain the fan blades when the climate control window is minimized. Unless its no longer a representation of actual speed and it too is scaled.

Thanks for the clarification on fan scaling tho.

Not sure what the other poster means by turn off range mode.
Car is not in max range mode if he means the battery setting.

If I remember correctly, somewhere deepr in options you can set your car to range mode, which means it will limit power usage by A/C and maybe some other power loads to maximize the range you can go.

Range driving mode is different from range charging mode. Range driving mode limits the climate control settings (car won't get as warm, won't get as cold, fan won't go as high) to maximize range. I believe it's Controls/Vehicle or possibly Controls/Settings/Vehicle. The control was introduced in version 4.0, but I believe it was modified in 4.3.

Toggle it off as Douglas says and your problem will disappear. I had exactly the same issue last week. It's easy to forget the range driving mode is on. Most of us stubbornly enable every switch in our cars to maximize range. It's easy to sometimes forget there's no free lunch in the energy world. Hopefully we'll live to see Model S 4.0 with the built-in Mr.Coffee-sized fusion reactor. Then we can leave range driving mode on...

also the fan does go to 11 now. maybe a 4.3 thing.

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