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AC makes weird noise and rumbling/vibration now.

I've had my MS for about 3 weeks now. My first issue was a clicking noise that the sunroof made. Took it to the Tesla dealer and they fixed it in a day. Problem solved.

Now recently sometimes when I first turn on the car or adjust the AC I will hear a loud rumbling and will feel vibrations. Is anyone else having this issue?

I called Tesla Worldwide to see what they thought. The person on the other end seemed like he didn't want to admit there was an issue. He said that all this was normal because the MS is so quiet that you don't normally hear those things in an ICE car. I again said that this started recently and it didn't happen before. He said he would pull my logs and after a few hours he said there was nothing in the logs. Well I am now hearing and feeling this same thing more often now.

Can any other MS owners tell me if they notice the same type of issue? I know this is not normal because I've been driving for 3 weeks and I didn't hear it before. Maybe the logs did not report anything but that doesn't mean something is off.

This is a known issue that occurs in minority of cars. My problem was minor but it started on day 1. I believe it is fixed now but time will tell. My noise problem was minor. I don't see how the logs will know about something like this.

Care to tell what was fixed and how? Or is it secret? ;)

They replaced AC motor. I think it is fixed but will wait another week to be sure. Electric car is silent at low speeds, so there is still a slight rumble when the AC starts, but less than before.

@Hills - interesting. I get a pretty hefty rumble sometimes when starting, but it seems less than when I first picked the car up. I'd started ignorning it, thinking it was normal but will pay attention and maybe give service a call.


Needs more oil. 5W10 should do it.

Hope you didn't blow a rod. :O)

@Hills, @nickjhowe - I agree, had the same issue happen on my P85 - first week no noise and then A/C noise every time I turn on the car- Ignored it thinking it was the same in ICE cars just drowned by a regular engine, but it is loud. If it persists I will take it to the service center.

In my experience, all AC units make some noise - generally audible above any ICE noise. As soon as you turn it on you hear the compressor spin up, and often the cooling fans are linked to the AC operation, creating more noise.

I'd be surprised if the Model S was that different. That's not to say that any noise from the AC is normal, just that you might notice it more on the Model S.

For what it's worth, I can hear my perfectly functioning AC running above the rumble of the V8 in my 928. Its even more noticeable on my wife's car which idles more quietly.

Mine isn't too noisy - just feels like theres a minor earthquake going on, or my son has the subwoofer on the home theater cranked up too high. Very low (sub 50 hz) rumble. Probably one of those things I'll never be able to demonstrate at Service.

I can definitely hear the car heat (fan) & cool (compressor & fan). I thought this was likely due to the reduced ambient noise of the car.

Anyone hear loud rumbling noise with the pano roof open at 100%, drive speed ~ 65 mph?

@nickjhowe - I hear the exact same thing. at first i thought it was a helicopter above the garage, but when i got out of the car it was silent. i can hear a THX type sound inside the car and it's really quite loud.

I posted two months ago regarding rumbling noise from the AC with certain settings. In particular if the air flow to face is on. The noise stops if I direct the flow only to windshield and/or to feet. I brought the car to Tesla service for investigation and they said that they couldn't find anything wrong. The noise seems to resemble a pump or air compressor running and stopping. I am getting used to the noise and I know that I can turn it off by changing the air flow, so I can live with it for now.

@Tiburon - yes - like the 'whump whump' of a helicopter. Lasts for 15-20 seconds, but not every time I get in the car.

I noticed the exact same issue - when I get into the car it sounds like a subwoofer - it almost hurts my ears.

Record the noise if it won't repeat at the Service Center.

Agreed that it almost hurts ones ears with the deep reverberating sound.
Maybe more will notice it as the days grow warmer and more people switch on that cool AC. I've only switched it on a couple times myself,but it's readily repeatable.

I'll trying switching to the floor blower for now, but honestly I think it should be fixed. I'll wait till I have to take it in to install the kids jump seats.

Thx guys

What you hear is the AC compressor vibrating against the plastic tub which is the floor of the front trunk when the compressor starts up. It is fixed by affixing insulating tape between the compressor top and the plastic tub which is the front trunk. The AC compressor is under the tub at the back closer to the front of the battery pack.


I also have this throb on startup. How do you get to the area you describe? Under the car or through the frunk?

What fan settings do you have set on startup? I've got allergies so AC is always on, every time I get in the car - Fan speed set at 2, Face and Defrost. Never heard any rumbles or throbs.
P85 VIN 1842

Kunal, you da man. Any chance you have a pic on how to access that sucker?

@vern110...I have that rumbling sound. I looked at the moveable portion of the pano roof and it was vibrating like crazy...thought it was gonna break off (reminded me of the chair that was built for the space ship/portal in the movie "the Contact" with Jodie Foster. when I close it to <70%, the vibration disappears.

Plan to take it in tomorrow for them to see it.

Access is through the frunk, not under the car.

The AC compressor and a host of other pumps (air suspension, brake abs module, etc.) are under the front trunk bin and are accessed by removing panels above the bin, then fasteners and bin can be removed. I have a picture but not sure how to attach it here. Send me an email address and iI can email the picture.

Full disclosure, I got this information from a Tesla Ranger and after the fix, on my car the excessive noise as many of you note as well is gone. The Tesla service guys and rangers are good and are responsive to issues.

And if you are willing to pull the front trunk plastic panels off and remove some fasteners and a few screws, (some are not easy to see). You can get this addressed in an hour or so.

Kunal - way to go!

I'll get service to check it out.

If the rumble air pressure noise continues even with the AC off I suggest you check out the MS "pressure buffeting" thread here:

@revscott - the issue that's being discussed here happens when the car is stationary, so not related to the buffeting issue.


I've also noticed the rumble when stuck in traffic, moving very slowly, as well as when the car is stationary. I did not have the AC on, but I did have the climate control on (and it was cold outside). At first I was concerned that it was the air suspension system, and that I had a leak because it was going on so frequently. Sometime later, I noticed that the sound stopped when I turned climate control off. So perhaps the AC compressor is active when the heat goes on? Anyway, after my long trip, the problem seems either to have gone away or to be much less frequent. Perhaps something settled in the space under the frunk, or perhaps the weather has just warmed up so that the climate control is kicking in less often.

I have had this low frequency rumbling with the AC since I got my car. It seems like a known issue so I was just going to wait until I took it into the service center, but I haven't had a chance yet. It happens almost every time I start the AC.

Had car for 4 weeks. Just started vibrating and whining when AC is on. It cycles off and on at front left wheel well. It increases in pitch and screams to the point I can hear it reflected off passing walls and cars. Lasts a minute and starts again a few minutes later.

Calling service.

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