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Battery swap event recording?

Ummm Tesla said it would be posted on the website at 9:30pm Cali time...its 10:04pm now...nothing...anyone have a link or am I blind?


Cool...and no I don't use it..nor facebook...or any other groupie website...cheers

you should then, your welcome ;)

Why? I don't use Twitter or facebook or any other groupie websites either and I don't see any reason to start now.

and still....nothing...yeeesh...this is slack Tesla...I'm going to bed :-(

2 hrs and 45 mins late...guess they are having a party back in LA and forgot to upload the video.
Ahh well...will see it tomorrow I guess.

@ Timo, are you dumb? this thread is the whole reason to start using those said GROUPIE websites...go to bed now ;)

Found it!

Finally! OK I can sleep now. ;-)

Though it's not very clear, this video shows a lower angle and you can kind of see more of the mechanics:

Not going to bed, it's morning out here (well, it was morning when I wrote that, now it is evening).

Yeah, the official video has the best audio but the home video from the front row shows more of the "nut runners" that Elon refers to.

Pretty cool!

Technically battery swapping is cool, but I don't see how you could make that functional business. Some special cases, like taxi companies or like that could use it, but for individual persons just the sheer number of batteries needed in swap station and their different degradation levels makes this doubtful at best.

Maybe if you could "lease" battery pack for long road trip so that you get your own back after the trip, then maybe, just maybe.

About that video, I seem to have problem watching any Vimeo videos on Tesla site, but they work on Vimeo site. Anybody have any clue why? I use FF whatsthatversion 21 and newest flash on 64bit Win7 prof. Any videos from youtube work OK.

Video shows on Tesla site, but it never starts to download/stream, so it is stuck on starting screen.

I also use FF and have no trouble. Do you use NoScript or other filter? I often have to update settings on a given site.

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