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Ok, so I'm the Paul Revere for all you Model S Reservation holders. I'm assuming you all just got the e-mail about the Model S Factory Tour and Beta Test Drive in October??!!

So this is amazing news (especially since I live in Oakland). I wasn't expecting it to come so soon.

So who's with me? Who else is planning to attend?

(one small caveat is that we are expecting our first child on October yeah...that could get in the way.)

If there's anyone from Tesla reading this and you want to make sure your #1 fan and un-official sales rep is at the event, please make it END of October. :-)

Yes, just got it. I'm hoping there are a range of dates. I'm out in CA for work at times, so it would be nice to coordinate a work trip with doing the tour and ride. However, if it doesn't work out, I'll probably just fly there anyway. :-)

Just got the email too, I'm in!

It's a long ways from Florida but I'm up for it.

Entering freakout mode...

Sometimes you just gotta choose: kids or cars?


What kid WOULDN'T want to be born inside a sexy Model S beta?

Unofficially, the event will be Oct. 1, because that's what Elon stated. We'll get final confirmation in less than 10 days when the invitations arrive. If the date is Oct. 1, I will definitely make the trip from Florida.

I will be there come hell or high water
(short drive from San Jose)

Wish I could be there, but it's a bit too long trip for me from Norway,considering my vacation is over. So I'll save the money to buy the car instead. Look forward to see the pics videos etc. from the event though.

Anyone wanna' carpool up there in an EV from western San Jose?

Oh yeah! My wife and I will be there. I'll wait for the invitation to make our travel plans but I've very psyched about it. It will be a short flight from So Cal. We'll make a weekend of it.

I think I posted on another thread already but to repeat, my wife and I will drive down from Oregon. Already made hotel reservations last week.

I hope it's not on Oct 1st as I am coming back from Jamaica that day...though maybe if we get back early enough...

I live in Alameda, so would be a shame to miss this!

@David M.
Dammit! Oct. 1st is our due date. Who does this Elon Musk guy think he is? Doesn't he know my schedule is more important!?

@Brad've got a point. Maybe I'll name my daughter Elona in his honor.

I am soooo in! I only live 20 minutes away. Can't wait.

Santa Cruz to Fremont is only 40 minutes in my current vehicle (Audi S6) and this will be un-missable.

However, given the 2 "people per invite" limit, I have to make some familial tradeoffs and compromises. Who's in, who's out...kinda sad actually. Elon has had my $5K for quite a while...can't he make it 3 per reservation??

I am SO THERE...then again I only live 2.0 miles from what was the former NUMMI (GM Toyota joint venture) plant, which chunked out 2000 cars a DAY at its peak. THAT tour was fantastic.
The Tesla tour will be a bit strange, since they occupy a tiny portion of the factory and don't produce any cars (not even the Roadster is made here).
Can't wait!

Well, I'm going to have to wait until a beta is shown in the Seattle store. Hopefully that will happen within a month of the factory tour.

Got the email also..too bad im in Norway :(

I'm there! Can't wait. I'm also surprised how soon this has arrived. Have to coordinate with the Stanford-UCLA game that day, so hopefully they won't overlap too much.

But read the fine print: "Test drives will not be provided."

I'm guessing that this is simply a clear way of reiterating Elon's statement, that we may get a ride, but we shouldn't expect to drive.

We will be coming to the Seattle store as well - hope to see you there!

What's up with half of the reservation holders living down the road from Fremont? I guess Elon wasn't kidding about 40% to 45% of current customers living in California. That's pretty darn convenient. I'm just a little jealous.

I guess that means they've got their work cut out for them (to effectively market the Model S outside CA). Tesla - let's get those stores open!

Sure, I'd love to test drive the Model S, but a "ride along" is almost as good, and well worth the trip. Seeing the factory is a bonus.

I'm in!!! I live in Southern California, but it's a good excuse to go visit my son in Palo Alto.

Factory tour is going to be awesome... but frustrating since we're still almost a year away from delivery! I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you crazy, passionate, forward thinking
Tesla Model S owners to be.

Two from Seattle coming to Fremont. We're in.

Two more from Seattle area coming to Fremont. Can hardly wait.

Three more from Seattle! Bringing the wife and 2 year old son; I hope he can go as well.

Being on the other side of the country, I can't.

I want to make a request, however: could someone who's going take a ruler, get it out, and *physically measure the underclearance* on the Beta, ground to lowest protuding point, and also ground to bottom of door? That would help us really know whether it will work in the portion of the world outside California's more meticulously maintained roads.

I doubt you'll actually be allowed to test-drive the Beta on a potholed road, over high speed bumps, or parking on a severely crowned road with a high curb and opening the door, but if you can and you know of such situations in the neighborhood, by God do it and point out the resulting problems to Tesla.

Thank you.

If they let us drive, great, I'm flying in from Austin. If not, I'll wait. If they invite all reservation holders and a guest for a single day, that is a lot of people Say a 20% show rate, x 5000 x 2 people per reserv, thats 2000 people . I'm not making a flight a wasting 1-2 days of life for a 5 minute car ride, especially since I know I will be test driving one 6 mos later. Great they r doing it, if I lived in San Jose why not go?!

Good point DrJ about there is going to be a lot of people there and we may not even get a test drive. It would be cool to see the facility though. I was told by my local Phoenix rep. that there will be a beta road show coming in December to Phoenix. I am sure they are going to all parts of the country and then you can test drive the vehicles. They just did this in Phoenix for the Fisker Karma and I got to drive it. It was fun, but the car is very cramped on the inside. Rather impractical in the cargo capacity, but a beautiful car nonetheless. Just registered for the Model S Friday. Yahoooooo!

You will not get a test drive (except if you are auto press). The email was explicit in that regard, and so was Elon in the earnings call.

They will offer rides, though the queue will most likely be across the country and back, so in effect there is no guarantee for anybody to have the chance to sit in the car for 2-5 minutes. Yet I envy those who live close enough to get there in a day trip, I wouldn't hesitate if I wasn't on the other side of the Atlantic.

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