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Black Tesla Model S spottet in Munich Germany

I saw several post on facebook with Tesla Model S in front of Bayrischer Hof (a famous Hotel in Munich) here in Munich.

Sadly I havn't been there in person quick enough!

But I can confirm Tesla Model S has landed in Europa. Yeah!

That's news I like. Thank you for sharing! :-)

Here a short Youtube Clip

Die Einschläge kommen näher...! :-)

good news

@Osiris - I'm glad to see that the "Tesla grin" is an international phenomenon. The fellow with the big grin next to the black Model S sure looks like he is enjoying himself!

Yes...all of you reservation holders can expect the masses to chase you down the street with their camera phones too. At least until the novelty wears off. Cool. ich bin ein Municher! :-)


Apparently (you get a lot of info from TMC forum) there a black Model S touring in Europe and shown to the press by Tesla in partnership Athlon (car leasing company). It will be in Belgium next week.

+1 Ohms.Law

Seeing it made me grin :)

That would make sense; I gather they've reserved 150 of them!

Any idea where and when in Belgium ?

It seems a model S was reviewed by UK press in Germany yesterday:
This one was red and has German plates.

Perhaps the most important line from that article (although, the picture showing German plates is at least as important IMO!): "It will go on sale in the UK next autumn."

The review by this norwegian journalist will be published ater today. He has the right grin on his face at least;-) and i guess he might ve sjowing hands which shake slightly?

Ve sjowing, should be "be showing" and ater is later... Ipad :-\

In this article he says he aint allowed to say anything about the drive experience until friday... But he reminds the readers about a commercial from the electrincs shop chain, Expert i think it should be, their slogan is "løp og kjøp" which can be translated to "run and buy". ;-)

Has one of the Belgian reservation holders already contacted Athlon Car Lease Belgium ( to get more info?

No, not yet. Do you think you can get the model s faster when going through Atlon? (if you are a reservation holder). Didn't think of it yet ...

Tesla is officially greeting Munich on twitter...

I just wonder why the Model S in their image is red while the one spotted last night was black. Conclusion: There are already more than one! :-)

Slightly worrying that the British journalists flagged the build quality as an issue for a car of this price: "not up to BMW levels".

- Not being that impressed by "BMW levels" of build quality personally (yes, I owned a 528i a few years ago), I think Tesla need to work on this...

dcpalmer, where did you see that? I cannot find that quote in the AUTOCAR First drive review that is linked above.

"The Model S is good to drive, comfortable and well specced. It represents the convergence of digital and automotive tech, with its brilliant infotainment screen, while staying practical. It’s pretty well built and offers super-saloon performance plus a range as good as any conventional rival. But entry-level models only have a 160-mile range and aren’t as quick."

[Annoying that they mention the entry-level range, whilst hinting at the high-end price!]

"Inside, wood grain, chrome and silver detailing surrounds clear instruments that display the car’s speed, remaining range and how much energy is being regenerated by the car’s brakes. Overall quality is good, but it’s not quite up to BMW standards."

Thank you.

Found a picture of a Sig red Model S with a Munich registration...

For the Belgians: Model S will be @ Athlon on Oct 30-31th... I won't :-(

And there is also a review (in French) from a Swiss online publication also! Seems Tesla is ramping up its European operations.

I reckon that Tesla should concentrate on Europe, no silly dealership rules and gas at $8-10 a gallon!
This would of course have nothing to do with my own reservation! ;-)


Already 3 in Europe (grey, black & red) ?

I guess these are the test drive models. The event can't be that far away ...

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