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bluetooth constantly dropping

just got my nice new red model s... bluetooth dropped about 8 times on trip home. have to go back to devices and then usually it shows back up and click and it continues on.

anyone else have this?

new car, new samsung galaxy s4

Back in the 4.2 days, I occasionally had to re-pair my iPhone5 manually, but I've not had any bluetooth issues since.

My Galaxy S4 has no issues pairing with the Model S. I often listen to music using bluetooth.

Could be positioning of phone. I use passenger cup holder and have had no problems. With phone below dash in cubby hole or on floor I did have issues.

The bluetooth reception in my car is pretty weak. I would love to be able to leave my phone in my pocket, but the stream keeps skipping. Like Eletrek, I have learned to just place my phone in the cupholder and then the streaming is smooth.

I have the exact same issue... although it sometimes works great for my road trip, but most of the time it drops the bluetooth connection and comes back up.

I use the phone alot in the car.. and I listen to Spotify playlists all the time.

I hope this gets fixed soon.. Galaxy 4 S... 2013 Tesla Model S 60kw


Yep, since February. I have a Galaxy SII. Keeps showing up as no device paired. On the one or two times I got it to work, it was really high call quality. But I finally gave up on it.

I have two primary issues with keeping it in the cup holder...

1) In the event of an accident, the phone will go flying and I may not be able to reach it if I need to call 911.

2) Putting it in the cup holder makes it nigh impossible to hit the home button to activate Siri on my iPhone. Of course, if they ever add that iPhone in the car thing it will be a moot point.

My car must have heard me complain about the Bluetooth reception because today it would not connect to my phone at all. I even tried forgetting the old connection and creating a new connection to my phone. No dice. This is really weird because it has never happened before since I took delivery in December. And I haven't installed any software updates (car or phone) in weeks. Guess I'll try again tomorrow...

I have had the issue of bluetooth working only near the touchscreen and had that issue resolved.

I recently had my car in for service and noticed with the loaner model s that there was no problem with my phone connecting from anywhere in the loaner. They (Portland Service Center - service befitting the model s) tried their phones in my car and had the same issue. The end result for me was a new touchscreen.

You may have a different issue with a different fix, but get in touch with your service center.

Obviously, some blue teeth aren't as sharp as others! >;P

I've had similar problems with BMWs and have had to turn my IPhone WiFi off to get the BT happy. Perhaps Tesla's notch filter is weak?

and zero problems with my IPhone in the cubby....

Sorry to revive an old thread, but has anyone found a reliable fix? I've noticed that my MS will drop and reinitiate BT connection to my Galaxy S III every few minutes sometimes.

Usually, this happens after I plug the phone into the USB port to charge it. If I don't plug it in, it usually stays connected. But, when it's plugged in, it's usually laying on the floor between the front seats. So, I don't know if it's a connectivity/range issue or a USB conflict issue. Maybe I need to do a full-factorial experiment or something. ;-)

Any better insights, folks?

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