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Can an Entire Kindergarten Class fit in a Model S?


I apologize. That link was supposed to be clickable... and the original post is supposed to be editable?

@Anthony - it is. Depending on your browser you should see a link that says 'edit' - somewhere near the Tesla T logo. Hunt around - it is there.

That is too unbelievably cute!

@Brian H, thank you!

Super cool.

But some cities now have 30 kids in a class.

Can someone try that!??!!

Not without some parent filng a complaint.

We could have fit three more easily, without anyone sitting on top of someone else.

Very cute... Thanks for posting...

I bet TM might be interested in that one :)

I've heard of 'four-on-the-floor', but 'three-in-the-frunk'?

Coulda put 8 in the frunk, easy.

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