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CHAdeMO Where are You?

Oregon and Washington put in many AV charging stations.
Most all with a 50KW charger requiring a CHAdeMO adapter.
Tonight I need about 30-40 miles to reach the Woodburn Oregon Supercharger.
And not over discharge.
Hurts to be setting next a fast charge system I can't use.
Any tips or leaks as to when we might get CHAdeMO?
Hey Tesla, I would love to be an early adopter!

Any information would help.

The online store still says that adapters will be available sometime in winter, which technically doesn't even begin for another 4 days.

What's the charging cost at an OR CHAdeMO charger? I assume some may be free and others at a kWh- or time-based cost.

A couple of months ago I called and inquired about CHAdeMO charger connectors. I understand they are the standard in Europe. I was told they would be provided with all European Teslas in Spring 2014, but would not be available in the US until later.

I have no other special, or inside, information.

This practice of Tesla of releasing sought after features in specific locations and excluding them from others has always struck me as a poor business marketing practice. Similarly bundling sought after items seems bizarre because many people receiving them may have little to no use for them due to not using their car for roadtrips or not having Chademo chargers on their routes, whilst people who could get enormous use, sometimes daily use out of them are denied access. Seems that waiting until supply can service the demand and releasing them on request initially so they go to those who can get the most benefit.

*would be a far better way to go.

I got on the waiting list for it, and they said end of January at the earliest for the US version.

@Docrob - the connectors on European cars are different from US cars, so they can't use the same adapter.

@gregguy, how do you define over discharge? We run down below 20 miles range a couple times every week, have gone to zero indicated about five times, yet still have 276 indicated rated miles on a range charge, which we also do at least twice weekly. I think people are babying their batteries more than needed. The car is here to serve us, not the other way around. The warranty has no use conditions. We assiduously follow TM charging guidelines in part because they are watching our every move (the car records every charge statistics forever, and they can and do look at it remotely, kind if our own personal NSA), also because we want to treat the car well and avoid abuse. We are a survey of one, but TM staff says our driving habits are fine.

I checked the online store. The CHADEMO adapter is $1,000 if you already have supercharger capability. At that price it will have a pretty limited market in the US, especially as the Tesla Superchargers get rolled out to more and more areas.

Don't judge by a few metropolitan areas. "Rolled out" means much different things in SoCal and SoDak.

Oregon has 3 wonderful Super Chargers.
But realistically cover a very small portion of the state.
Looks like Tesla will be putting in one more. Great!

Oregon has now put in 33 charging stations and most have CHAdeMO

And YES, they are FREE for awhile.
These cover the Oregon Coast very well.

Blink systems are also very pervasive in the valley.
They offer level 2 at $1 per hour and CHAdeMo for $5 until charged.

A CHAdeMO adapter will save me time every week...thanks

Nissan dealer reported to me this weekend that its chargers are being replaced at Nissan's requirements to Chademo sites and the one in San Diego by February.

Too bad tesla requires super charger access to use tis adapter.
I would love one but it would cost me $14500 to get it...bit of a joke

"SC access" means ability to use DC charging. Not a joke.

@murraypetera. Once the supercharger network is built out, if you had to chose, superchargers would be preferable to Chademo. Although I understand at present in some parts there is no supercharger option. Not clear how you get to $14500. Supercharging is free with the 85 and is $2000 with the 60. The Chademo is $1000. Although wasn't there some break if you bundle the supercharging option with the adapter.

@SCCRENDO - he has a 40kWh battery, so he would have to upgrade to 60kWh and add Supercharging capability.

40s were never intended for anything but in-town cars, so not sure why you would need it anyway.

Looks like Oregon is getting it's forth Supercharger.
Construction appears to be underway. Detroit, Oregon Great!

Did some investigation and Oregon alone has over
100 DC Quick chargers requiring CHAdeMo. 33 are FREE

It would be a great time saver for me as my work covers the state.
If CHAdeMO where canceled I might have to part with the MS. Ouch!

Would love to see this ASAP too Tesla! would be a great help for those of us condo and apartment dwellers who have been stonewalled by the properties and can't plug in at home.

I wonder if Blink will change it's $5 flat rate (Blink Plus subscribers) for their CHAdeMO chargers once the Tesla adapter comes out. If I charge my depleted 24kWh Leaf, Blink makes money. If I charge my depleted 85kWh ModS, I charge for less than half of what it costs me to charge at home and a lot faster.

I frequently charge my Leaf on my local Nissan dealer's CHAdeMO unit. It's free but for exclusive use by Leaf owners. The charger is activated with a FOB held by the service reps. Don't know if that's just a dealer policy, or a Nissan policy, but once the ModS adapter comes out and you plan a trip that includes charging at a Nissan dealer, you might want to call ahead and see what their policy is.

Many of the Cracker Barrel restaurants in north GA and TN have them. So the adapter would be quite handy since the Superchargers are not likely in this area for a couple of years...

@ webcrawler, as I outlined elsewhere, Cracker Barrel has not had significant use at their TN and GA locations, stopped installing them a year ago, and is removing them from service as they break. Blink went blunk and no one has yet "cracked" the for-fee EV charging cost/benefit, horse/cart conundrum.

@stevenmaifert - already you should call Nissan dealers before planning to charge there. Some are quite friendly (I charged at the Nissan dealer in Hickory NC last weekend), while others not only won't let anything but a LEAF charge there, they had to have sold it.

The local Nissan dealer has already said they are happy for any CHAdeMO-equipped cars to use their charger, but I wouldn't bother (except to verify it worked) since it is close to my house.

The three Nissan dealers in Delmarva do not allow Teslas to charge (Salisbury, Dover, Preston).

The EU version of the model S does not come fitted with a chademo, the model S can charge at many of the free rapid chargers we have here in the UK using the 22kW port on the charger, here is one in the UK charging on such a charger, the chademo connector is plugged in right next to it.

Charging on this charger is free too for anyone with an Ecotricity card.

It will have CHAdeMO, this spring. The US gets it later, in the summer.

We have both a 2013 Model S and a 2013 Nissan Leaf. The Leaf came with two charging ports, one for Level 2 and one for CHAdeMO. It is my understanding that Nissan is working with Cracker Barrel to get CHAdeMO charges installed around the county. This would be a welcome improvement in the Midwest, which is way down the list for Superchargers.

Tesla states on the US site that the CHAdeMO adapter will be available for purchase in the winter.

@Andrew_OH, the Cracker Barrel experiment with charging is over. No demonstrated demand, full parking lots with empty premium-located charging spaces just pissed everyone off. I used one recently at a CB in TN. Very slow. CHAdeMO would have been better, but it looks like it isn't going to happen.

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