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Chargepoint charging at Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square

I've charged for a few hours at both of these locations. I didn't have a Chargepoint card so I just used my Visa. My first visit was over two weeks ago and I have yet to see a charge on my credit card online statement.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.

Chargepoint processes things once per month--it will probably come. Let us know if it doesn't--free charging is good charging!

Thanks @Epley that's probably what's going on. I knew it was too good to be true. Oh well, good parking spots are worth $2 an hour! Around Christmas that place it totally nuts.

do it free in the Tesla Bay at Bellevue Square

The Tesla bay is nice, but sometimes packed.

And often the electric spots are ICEd during the holidays. Irritating.

Yes and the Tesla Bay only has one adapter for a Model S, correct? The charging stations are for Roadsters I believe. I was told more S charging stations were going to be installed - anyone else hear that?

I was told that Bellevue Square security should be notified if there is any ICEing going on at any charger.
The same is true if thre is a hybrid or EV occupying a charging spot but not using the charging station.

there seem to be 2 S adapters as last time I was there two Ss were charging at the same time.

ChargePoint has cards for both pay-for-charge or free-to-charge. Do the ChargePoint units at Bellevue Square charge or are they free?

About $2/hour.

Whoever places the units decides what to charge...

FYI there is now a HPWC as well as a 14-50 available at Bellevue Square in the Tesla area as well as an existing Roadster HPC.

Bring your mobile connector if the HPWC is in use you can park one spot over in the back and the mobile connector will reach from the 14-50 to your car if you back in.

HPWC is 72 amps @ 203 volts good for around 44MPH.

But don't you need twin chargers to take advantage of the HPWC?

To take full advantage of it, yes, but you can still charge at half speed with a single charger. REQUEST: don't use the HPWC if you have a single charger and can plug into the 14-50 instead.

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