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Did you / will you tip your delivery specialist?

Obviously one can't really say what's "customary" at this point. I usually tip someone delivering furniture / heavy stuff $20 or $40 depending on effort, time, how cute they are, etc. What's appropriate for someone planning to spend upwards of an hour going over my new Model S from stem to stern? $100? $250? Cash or pre-paid card?

My european take on that : Zero ! Nothing !
- They are doing their job (and it 's not like they're paid like a waiter)
- We pay for that delivery

what a silly topic: NO

I would like to get them to tip me for being a good customer. Tipping (anybody for anything) or haggling are not common here.

I plan to have a big plate of powdered sugar donuts for them to munch on while we're sitting in the car. What could go wrong?

Absolutely not!

I'll give them a nice coffee. The American custom of tipping everyone is crazy, & my model s will be delivered in Sydney.

Tesla should bring a gift when they deliver the car!


I think the gift is the car :)

I picked up my car a couple of days ago and it would have been really weird to "tip". It's not that kind of moment...

I'm going to vote $0 on this one.

I've always been told to tip service folks but not professionals. This is somewhat of an in-between; however, it feels like it leans towards the professional side, so likely no tip.



Lets see, 15% comes to...
Perhaps not ;)

Yes, when HELL freezes over.

I would actually be shocked if a delivery rep would even consider accepting a tip. They are professionals and compensated as such.

what a brainless topic... sorry: please stop it, You can't take this serious )

@MandL: I agree with view -- apparently universally held -- that a tip is not necessary or appropriate here. That said, I really appreciate you posting the topic because it is a question I would have debated internally before taking delivery.

I was planning on giving them 15% depending on how many freebies I get.

Actually it's is a good question. I am one who usually tips a lot and probably more people than needed. I agree with the group here and would not feel compelled to tip in this situation.

Tip the pizza guy? The pizza is hot and not squish, YUP.
Tip the waitress? Food is hot drinks are filled, friendly, YUP.
Tip the Valet? Car is in perfect condition and fast service, YUP"

Tip the construction worker that installed my new A/C condenser? NO
Tip the Fedex guy that delivered my new shirt? NO

I'd say this is in the no department.

Tesla must deliver my car over 250 miles from the nearest service center. Since I'm in wine country, I was thinking of offering a bottle but definitely not 15% worth.

I like the wine idea. Since I am in VT and similarly distant from the nearest center, perhaps a quart of VT Maple syrup!

Was debating about that. I'm just happy it'll be delivered this year!

What? No. That seems bizarre. Why you even think that.

?? 15% of what? The car or the delivery charge? ??

:D ;)

I'll tip him with a Red Bull or a coffee, to make sure he stay awake long enough to answers all my questions... other than that, no.

Wow seriously?

I am buying a long red carpet, and hiring Ryan Seacrest for my delivery. Grandstands will be going up in a few weeks, it should be a great event!

I get the question, since american culture is crazy about tips. I personally don't think that people should be tipped for a job they are expected to perform. I understand that some professions as previously mentioned by others are paid with the expectation that part of their pay comes from tips and that is OK. In this case, there is not a Tesla store or service center anywhere near me. So Tesla has to do something to get cars to people and they are therfore charging me for and paying these people for that service. Long winded answer to say NO. Just thought I would share my reasoning.

TikiMan, I already hired Ryan Seacrest and he promised he would only be there for my Model S delivery. I feel so betrayed now.

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