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factory output


Does anyone know the factory output of cars (model s) pr. day...??
I have not followed the latest financial reports. Is tesla making money on the model S..?


I thought the maximum capacity was 400/week? I would think that 200 more a week would be announced. I think they delivered 1200 in November so that means that they needed to deliver 1800-2000 in December not actually build that many. they may have had 1600 total done by the end of November, and made close to 1600-1700 cars.

The 400 a week number is for first shift only. They can add a second and third shift and the quality will not go down. With three shifts they can make triple the cars at the same steady high quality pace as first shift.

I am not saying they have done that.

Sudre: You are correct about adding shifts. However I believe the 400 is also based on a five day week, so by working 7 days (which they did much of Dec) they can add another 40%.

Wow! They sure have increased production speed since i got mine (#378 Sig.) in late October. Good for them. Exceeding expectations again. Hope I can still contact the service people when I need them!

The last-week push was over 150/day!

Oops, sorry that was reservations over 150/day.

When I took delivery at the factory on 12-29, the rep confirmed there were already running 'more than one shift' so it is entirely possible they are cranking out 500-600/wk.

Stopped by the Menlo Park store over Christmas. They said cars ordered with 85K and air suspension are being made first bc they don't have to retool the line after completing all the Sig cars, which all had 85/air.

The 400 a week number is for first shift only. They can add a second and third shift and the quality will not go down. With three shifts they can make triple the cars at the same steady high quality pace as first shift. (Sudre_)

That is, if they can hire three times the staff with comparable qualification, and find the time and the resources to train them to the same level. Elon has stated explicitly that adding shifts is not trivial for this specific reason.

I'm not trying to imply anything about on how many shifts they actually run currently.

Beyond staffing is supplier capacity. Gotta have parts.

Told at the factory they were running 21 out of 24 hours per day as of Dec 30 when we picked up our car. Down time looked like meal breaks. During lunch all was quiet. As staff came back the factory was buzzing! BTW, the factory was amazing! So is the car.

Told at the factory they were running 21 out of 24 hours per day as of Dec 30 when we picked up our car. (reitmanr)

Sounds like three shifts with a one-hour break in each. They are really going full tilt, thank you for this update!

One thing to consider: The additional shifts probably offer some leeway in the sense that they don't have to go at 5 cars per hour. If they are still moving a little slower than the full capacity, they could be running at, e.g., 30 cars per shift instead of the maximum 40, thus producing, e.g., a total of 450 cars per week while keeping quality up. As staff gets more routine and robot adjustments are further improved, they can slowly get to the full 600 weekly (which would be 150% above the originally targeted 20k/y, assuming that demand keeps up).

Well, I guess I'm just being swept away with speculation here... Great news in any event!

If demand for the model S does not keep three shifts busy, the model X and Gen3 will.

600 per week is not enough! Supply is still the problem, but if you have to have a problem it isn't the worst one to have

One wonders why right hand drive has been pushed back 6 months if they are producing that many cars.
I expect that with the Merc steering column they are also using Merc front axles, and so other than the dashboard itself, there really is very little engineering to build the the right hand drive - OK, they need to change the floor pan a bit to accommodate the pedals. Just a different die. Robots still build the same way.

It is not as though conditions for business in the USA have been so great that suppliers wouldn't be clamouring to get on the bandwagon with a rising star. So, I think that supply issues should rapidly become a thing of the past.

dborn- they have only been producing at peak rate for a month or two. They spent a long time preparing their supply base. If they expand it further and demand declines they would see a sharp increase in cost to cover that investment. So I would expect them to be thoughtful and careful about further rate increase investment.

Remember that on the way up in rate, there is heavy capital investment- negative cash flow. Stable production is when the returns happen. They can't keep investing without taking a breather to accumulate some money or getting incremental financing; which right now would look to the markets like 'cash burning never will make a profit.'

I can understand the push to build cars for the end of the year. Manufacturing 3,000+ cars was a promise/goal etched in stone. A determining factor for rate of production will be rate of new orders and supplier ability to meet demand.

I would rather see 400 cars built with very high quality than 600 built to a lower standard. Of course, this is easy for me to say, my car is scheduled to be delivered in 2-4 weeks.

Your figures for optimum production are low by about ½. Single shift full production is 400/wk, not 200. ONE shift can produce 20,000/yr., or about 1700/mo. Daily 3-shift maximum is about 240.

BrianH, can you share where you found the information on optimum rates per shift, etc?


Brian H, your're right. At full production, a single shift should yield 80 cars, which is 400 per week and 20k per year. Thank you for checking! Thus running full tilt on three shifts would produce 60k vehicles per year, which is 300% above the original target. Sorry to everybody for the confusion.

DTsea, I cannot point you to it, but Elon was explicit that Tesla can produce 20k units/year on a single shift, and that production can be cranked up to 60k units/year without adding a second production line to the factory. All other numbers you see here are derived from those statements.

As a side-note, "units" may be Model S or Model X. They are designed to be built on the same production line, so both models can be interleaved on the same line to match demand.

Not immediately. It's specified in several places, including shareholder statements and other documents, plus statements by TM engineers, and Elon.
200/wk was a benchmark for the beginning of Dec., not a full-shift target. 20,000/annum per shift has always been the standard.

-Update. Here's a March posting:
"5. Expect to produce 5,000 units in 2012 and ramp up to 20,000 units per single shift in 2013."

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