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First Tesla sold in China

First Chinese owner pays equivalent of $410,000 for a Tesla

Interesting sidenote in the article; I hadn't realized the Bejing store was being held up because of the trademark pirate.

I have to admit that I have my reservations about selling Teslas to the Chinese, afterall, that really turned out great for everyone in the solar panel manufacturing industry.

This is not to say that I am insensitive to their (the Chinese) environmental/heath concerns/needs (their ecology's atmosphere is literally soupy and not at all healthy), I'm just hoping that the proper patent considerations were made prior to the sale.

If the Chinese copy the Tesla and make a success of it, TM would object, but it would still advance the "EVs everywhere" goal, so they wouldn't make too big a fuss. Patents mean little to the Chinese, except when they provide good "how to" instructions!

@Brian H:

Well, it's not like China hasn't already made inroads into the EV arena:

And their adoption of the ideology does serve to advance the cause, the question is 'at what cost?'

Is TM expected to completely throw their business model out the window and go bankrupt if the Chinese do with Tesla technology what they did with solar panels (again, look how that turned out for that industry).

I would strongly prosecute any copyright/patent/technology infractions, that's just dirty pool and poor business practice.

I did specify "make a success of it". That means providing EVs people want at prices that make sense to them, in all segments.

As for Elon, if the world is on track to go EV, and he's confident of it, he'd be quite pleased to spend 100% of his work time at SpaceX rather than just 60%.

The interim, between 0.1% global market and about 10% is the "tipping point", IMO. Patents and companies and stock are means to the end, not the end. The means will be protected and wielded, but in service to the end goal.

Yet your specification alludes to the implication that Musk is failing at propagating his ideology..."?"...though I'm certain that we are both aware of the fact that a number of automotive manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, from Audi to Volvo, Chevy to GM, have made their own inroads into the EV market with the production of their version of the EV, many incorporating their own concept of/spin on the technology.

It is to this re-emergence of technological advancement which I speak.

You see, while I am aware of the much bantered about idiom of "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", I am also cognizant of the fact that adoption of the exact same methodology of a technologies' implementation, while seemingly benign, ultimately results in the stagnation of innovation, and that is never a favorable outcome as it only serves to undermine not only our ingenuity, but also the evolution of the technology in question itself, not to mention the whole of Humanities' continued ascension of our technological cognition.

I'm uncertain, perhaps you've misunderstood the motivation behind the comment I made? Sure, I feel that Tesla should guard against any infringement upon their patents for practical purposes, but mainly for the advancement of our own cognitive abilities because I can foresee much opportunity for the advancement of various aspects of the technology and feel that any effort to encourage others to investigate their own paths towards the goal of zero emission transportation should be encouraged.

I understand that there is much consumer outcry for an "affordable" EV that is suited to the commuters' practical needs and we're both aware that that goal is in the works.

Perhaps it is that patience is what most needs be encouraged instead of indivduals' inclination to crap all over and undermine the efforts of those amongst us who are striving to bring that to us by short selling their efforts?!

Progress is a process.

If imitation produces a quality product at affordable price, it becomes more than flattery, it's the aim of the game.

@Brian H

How much "quality" can one expect to find in a knock off?

But, by all means, don't let me stop you from being all impatient and contacting some Chinese EV automaker and ordering up something from their offerings...That choice is solely yours, and yours alone, to make.

Afterall, why not not only undermine a domestic ventures' technological breakthrough when you can also sleight the integrity of the country in which it's made as well by outsourcing to some foreign entity?!

Irrelevant and silly. If quality is inadequate, the market will punish. E.g., the Coda.

Here ya go, Brian, the best of China's version/take on the EV:

Why don't you order one up and keep us posted on your experience with it? I'd be interested to know.


I hate it when I see someone trying to box in advanced tech with nationalism or ideology...

A S. African is building a car in US (because it has become cheaper than China in many ways), with a non US drive train tech, with non US battery tech,... with German a suspension,..

Give it a rest with "national" views. In the 21st century, one really could be as far ahead to see there is no US, Chinese, EU stuff anymore. It is all mixed up. There is only positive mixed up and negative mixed up.

When ideologs try to take over or use technologies, nothing good happens. Rockets turn to missiles and solar cells get taken off of presidential palaces...

You're in luck. The best of tech is being used in US, by US workers, to build the best car in the world, because German and Japanese car makers walked away from this tech when it was available to them well over a decade ago.

Nothing more, nothing less. The simple reality is that US neglected things like environment and clean tech, and it was only when China became competition, did that change. The ONLY reason you're seeing electric cars proliferate is the economic crisis and China pushing the tech, due to not wanting to be stuck on oil, which forces western car makers to move their ass, or be overtaken by Chinese EV makers in a few years, since there is no need for a 100 year Porsche like history to build a good motor and car. One can come out of nowhere and in a decade reshuffle the cards.

And thats a good thing. US does what its supposed to, but only when it has competition. Like a monopoly. If only US and China would only compete in this manner. To force each other to compete in getting greener, increasing quality of life for population, instead of populistic politicians constantly trying to hijack economies with moronic ideologies they peddle.

Not tea bags, but kinda wimpy. Functional; fleet total of 45 million miles is a pretty good operational base to work from.

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