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front license plate

has anyone have a good idea about putting the front license plate on without drilling?

Okay, here I will likely show my ignorance. I live in NJ, a state that requires front plates. Why not drill it? Every car I've ever owned has had a front plate. I don't like it, but I comply. So why pick a temporary solution to what will be a permanent issue? Am I missing something?

Lots of examples on youtube.

searched for model s front licence plate

I currently have my front plate mounted using this solution:

However, I am going to remove it and use this solution, as it looks a lot better:

I didn't like the way the first plate looked. There is talk in Ohio of eliminating the front plate requirement, so I am hesitant to drill into the front nose cone.

I have talked with several other owners that don't mount a front plate at all. The ticket is only $45 here, if they bother at all to pull you over.

Thanks alot Blue Shift

Yes jeffstuffs you missing something I don't want to drill into the car

Don't know about Oregon, but Washington and California both require front plates. I've lived in both with my Tesla. I drilled.

Remember, you're not drilling into your car. The nosecone is a simple piece of plastic. It can be removed in seconds with your bare hands. Without the front plate, it's going to get scratched anyway.

If I move to a state that doesn't require front plates (extremely unlikely), I'll just replace the plastic nosecone.

Please use to search these forums and also go to TMC and look there--way too many posts and information on the whole front plate issue.

greatkills. When I have to install my front license plate I am going to do it this way with the j bolts or a togle bolt using the lower grill. j bolt front license holder

I will pay the fine in NJ before drilling the car for a plate... Multiple times as/if required.

I bought these on

Cruiser Accessories 78410 Suction Cups, Clear, 4 pack

I use the suction cups whenever I have to park in San Francisco (where they're pretty picky about front license plates). That way, no fix-it tickets and no drilling into that beautiful front-end!

The suction cups attach easily and two are adequate for mounting the plate temporarily.

I'm with williamweiss on this one. I live in NJ and have no intention of applying that ugly license plate to the nose of my MS.

I started with the Skene brackets and noticed two things

(1) my energy usage went up around 10-15 kW per mile
(2) darn thing blew off after about a week

The first item irritated me, but I live in WI and we are a front license plate state, so life goes on. I am pretty sure that the second was a user installation fail (my fault, not the design of the product).

So, plan B was J Bolts, and I haven't had any problems since (they haven't blown off yet and I don't have any noticeable energy issues). To be fair, the J Bolt solution looks pretty good (and no more ribbing from my wife).


I am going to try the suction cup method--just got the suction cups and will try it this weekend. I just need something I can use when street parking in SF.

My one concern with the j-bolt method is if it somehow restricts airflow to something that otherwise needs it.


I haven't heard a definitive answer on that one, either, Omar.

I have used the J-Bolt method to install my front license plate.
Looks great, and NO DRILLING in the nose cone.

The air can travel around and behind the plate to the radiator(s) behind it, literally there is 3+ inches between it and the front of the grille.

In Texas, the fine can be up to $200 for no front plate, so yes, I was persuaded to install that son-of-a-gun - - just NOT on the NOSE.

"drill into the car" Phooey. The whole nose cone can be replaced for about $150.

Use the holder that comes with car. Put it on upside down with zip ties. Going strong with this method for 6+ months.

@Brian H
Nose cone replaced for $150 if you don't have Parking Sensors. Not sure what happens if you do...

Aren't they in the bumper?

@Brian H | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013: Aren't they in the bumper?

There are two parking sensors in the bumper and two in the nose cone. I'm sure even if you have parking sensors, they would ship a nose cone without them -possibly with predrilled holes.

I like the retractable front license plates options:

Another one (universal):

Here it is on Amazon:

And I think they're coming out with one for Model S:

Torklift Central manufactured a removable bolt on front license plate called The Law.

Easy install and easy removal. Great solution for someone who does not want to modify their vehicle.

I used the suction cup method for 3 weeks now, hasn't budged at all even with cold weather.

Only suckers use those.

Sorry. /:p

I previously used the Skeens Design solution. The plate was very low, and it ended up getting damaged when I pulled too far forward in a parking space with one of the concrete stops.

I have since transitioned to the suction cup design, which is brilliant. Being somewhat of a Boy Scout, I used a zip tie behind it as a fail safe feature. If the suction cups ever fail, the plate will just hang there until I push it back in. So far, it has not budged a millimeter.

@omarsultan. Did you have any success with the suction cups? BTW, are you "the other MC Red" in EDH? Our friends saw a red MS at their doctor's office earlier in the week and thought it was me. If so, I'll have to keep an eye out for you.

The suction cup option works perfect, but I would add the zip tie behind it just in case. It is only in case it ever comes loose.

I was given "The Law" made by TorkLift but have never used it. Since I had already made my own device, The Law is now for sale. Anyone interested? cerjor-at-Hotmail They cost $115 new so I think $75 would be a good price.

Whatever you do, do NOT get a retractable license plate! My Tesla service advisor recommended a retractable front license plate holder to me, sent me the link to it on Amazon and then the tesla dealership even installed it for me. A couple monthes later while driving on the freeway (around 60 mph), the holder failed, dragged on the ground and caused over $3,000 worth of damage! Worse yet, to add insult to injury, the dealership said that I HAD HIT SOMETHING ON THE ROAD!!!!! Really???? I'm going to drive my brand new car on the freeway without looking ahead? They said it was not the fault of the retractable license plate!!!! It clearly was and after the damage had been repaired (took one month), they recommended that i not put another retractable license plate on!!! If it wasn't the license plate holder's fault why would they tell me not to put a new one on?

@Sandi Chun - Yikes - that sounds bad. What kind of damage was done and/or parts replaced? I thought those retractable holders are just made of plastic, so it seems hard to believe that by itself it could cause any damage if it was dragging. Also what service center did you use? In the past, Tesla service centers have generally avoided installing any third-party products, although I've heard of a few odd exceptions. I suspect this will be another reason they'll want to avoid installing anything other than Tesla approved parts in the future.

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