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Goodbye, Volt, hello Tesla.

Does anyone know how many Teslas have been registered in Washington State? I ordered a Model S last week and while I was in the store, another Model S order was also placed.

Bob Jordan/KIRO7

I was in the Bellevue Square store this evening and was told they sold 6 of them from walk-ins in the store just today.

BTW, congrats on your order Bob, you are going to love it!!!

I will be up at the Meeting-N-Greet at the Westlake store in a couple hours, I'll see if the Tesla folks there know how many.

If it's anything like California, Tesla will be outpacing more than just the Volt:

I asked at the Westlake store this morning and no one knew the exact number but guessed it was at least 1000-1500 in the Seattle Metro area and 1500-2000 state wide.

Well Forbes said 1% of new vehicles registered in WA this year were Model Ses. How many is that?

Washington DOL reported just under 600 Model S registrations at the end of 2012. By now, I would have to guess we are at 1,500 to 2,000 in the state.

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