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Han Solo prefers Tesla

Like a boss...even with a broken ankle he's not going to give up driving the Model S. Nice color to match his jet!

Either the photo negative was backwards, or that is an American spec. MS Also, what is odd is that motorcycle in the background appears to have a California plate.

I think the photos were taken at a Los Angeles area airport.

That's a grey car, isn't it?

Also, looks like he has aftermarket wheels...

I wonder what color of MS that Indiana Jones drives?

He often flies out of Santa Monica airport, wouldn't surprise me if that is where the pictures were taken.

Just saw the text with the first pictures: "Crocked: Harrison Ford hobbles out of the car as he prepares to put on his iWalk crutch at an airport in Santa Monica, California"

The car is grey and the plane is green.

His frunk is very nicely aligned.

And how many geeks are grinding their teeth right now at seeing him referred to as "Hans"?


You read my mind!

That's KSMO, at his homebase FBO, (the only airport in Santa Monica).

Temporary crutch notwithstanding, let's hope we all look as buff at 72. Life is good, H.F.

'Han' Solo...I stand corrected! (and all these years I thought it was Hans...)

Anyone else notice the irony of arriving in an environmentally friendly electric car, only to 'hop' onto a private jet that spews out tons of carbon emissions?

Of course that's what he drives. Its the only car that can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. :)

I realize now that my remarks were based on the assumption that these pics were taken in the UK. It is a UK paper, the pics all say UK on them. I looked at the link again and the link is to the U.S. biz tab, and the captions say nothing about the pictures being taken in the UK.

As the OP you can modify your title if you want by going to the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Rocky and sbeggs - haha, yeah, an understandable error though. The article was very misleading in stretching for the pun ("Hans-Free")

Aww, I feel very special that you changed the subject for me.

Any 72-yr old star who does his own movie stunts has brain-sprain.

I'd say he has a full embrace of life.

Hope I've got that much verve when I'm his age.

Brian - that weren't no stunt. Sadly, he was just taking a stroll off the millennium falcon.

I hope I have got as much verve when I'm twice his age.


He may be the real deal as an action star. Reminds me of an octogenarian I met in the Greek islands - he was notorious at the local café for hitting on women in their 20's, and though his success rate was low, twarn't 0. Regardless, a good time was had by all; no timing his speech to the pace of a rocking chair & watching his grave being dug, even if his eyes were set on Heaven.

He loves driving his Tesla even with a broken ankle. I relate to that love of driving a MS ;-)

@bobrobert; I once sat beside a widower friend at a convention and observed in awed silence as he persuaded a 20-something girl (not unattractive) to go to a late-night party with him. This just before he went off to spend a month on his own in Thailand.

He's 88. Gives us all hope.

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