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Help me decide on exterior color

I am about ready to put in my order and can't decide on Black, Red or Blue. Just wondering if anyone chose a color that they wound up not liking. Any feedback on best looking colors would be greatly appreciated!

I think all color look gorgeous on your Model S.

If you want me to make a decision for you, I would choose red for you. Why pay less for Black or Blue when you could pay for more for Red?

I chose black because I was running out of funding for the extra cost.

But if I had more money, I would not have chosen a "included" color.

I've been driving for the past 5 months and I am happy with the black color decision. Others, friends and strangers alike, also love my car.

Red is snazzy/preppy
Blue is classy
Black is boring
Sig Red is the best

The multicoat red is lighter than the signature and it will turn many heads just for the color. After choosing between the excact same colors like you I thought that I'm probably not extrovert enough for the red and finally settling for blue

If you are in a hot climate go for a lighter color. A/c is not great and dark colors will be a problem. I have a white and love it.

I think the grey is the most beautiful exterior color, but I went with blue because I LOVE the grey interior, and I just couldn't bring myself to get a car that was grey inside and out (It's bad enough that I've got it on top of my head already ;) The blue ext/grey int/matte obeche combo is just gorgeous, I'm very happy with my choice. So, there's a vote for blue (but it also depends on your interior choices.).

As for the other colors you mentioned, personally I've never loved black or red cars...I like a bit of contrast, and black cars look a little too monochromatic, and red cars have always felt a bit to flashy for me. I HATED the signature red, but I have to say that the multicoat red looks pretty sharp...I would never get it, but if you like red cars, it's a nice choice too. So, depending on your interior color choices, my top three votes are: Blue, grey, red.

WHITE: People who prefer white cars and white accessories can be perfectionists, and like for things to be neat, clean and orderly. It can also mean that you enjoy simplicity and have a pure and youthful outlook on life.

• RED: Red is a very bold colour choice that stands out in the crowd. It can mean that you are a passionate person or that you can be quick to anger. It creates feelings of excitement, and intensity. It could also mean that you have a bit of a dramatic streak.

• BLACK: If you prefer black items, you might be showing the world that you are a very conservative person who prefers a classic appearance over trendy or flashy items. It is a powerful colour and means

that you would like to be taken seriously as a professional in your career and in life.

BLUE: This is typically a calm and relaxed colour. You may have chosen this shade because you are generally an easy going person or, possibly, because you would like to be calmed down and this is a great way for you to incorporate some serenity into your everyday life.

Dependent on personal taste but I thought car looked best in Signature Red (only first 1000) and Black. I have Signature Red.

Got the new multi coat red color w lt gray interior, and LOVE IT! My wife always wanted a red car, but I resisted on my Nissan 350Z roadster, on our Acura RL, and on the Chevy Volt I was driving before our Model S arrived. Red looks good on Ferraris and some other cars, but on some it doesn't in my opinion.

On the Model S it looks GREAT! With the pano roof being black, it has just the right amount of red (not sure how I would like it without the black glass roof). And the combination with the gray interior is spectacular.

Of course, this is a very personal decision, and I am sure you will be very happy whichever color you choose!

No one ever mentions green... Am I the only one having a liking for that color? :-)

@svante: I chose green and love it! From a color shifting / lighting perspective, it's the most "complex" color, going from black -> grey -> green depending on the lighting.

Wife & I literally spent half a day in the Menlo Park store trying to decide on the color. :P

All: Try to look at the colors on real cars, the paint chips do not do these colors justice! The Menlo Park store usually has 1 car of each color in the showroom or in the repair bay.

We do appreciate your green car, green technology :)

I got a black Model S in the hot Southern California and you can remotely open your sunroof, pre-cool your car with no problem. You still want to do that with any color anyhow :)

The red is gorgeous and will turn the most heads, but like some others above, I'm not a red car kind of guy! Black, dark blue and dark green are hard to keep looking good in the Northeast - they will look dirty most of the winter due to ice/sand/slush/snow from the roads. That's why I stayed away from those. The no car wash rule makes it tough to do dark colors in areas with cold snowy winters.

I got grey, with the grey interior(I know, @TheAustin, sounds boring,) and I think the car is gorgeous inside and out.

I don't think you can go wrong with any color, but if you're a red car kind of guy, do the red.

I got black and I love it, but if I were to order another one, I'd get the blue. I saw a blue one when I was picking up my black one and the color on the blue seem to have more depth. The red I saw on the street, it looks really hot, but not for me.

I'm on the road about 4 hours a day to cover 50 miles. In a sea of grey/black/white/blue, I hardly see any red vehicles in NY metro area. Oh yeah, there's tons of yellow cabbies out there too.

My previous cars have been beige, light blue, green, and metallic blue. None of the color really scream I had any personality.

I choose the MC Red as it stands out in the crowd of mundane colors and it helps with the mid life crisis too! Plus the multi coat treatment allow the car to shine with different shade of red depending of the amount of light on the car.

Ultimately, it all really depends on which stage of life you're in. Do you want to the car to blend with the crowd, appear sophisticated, or to show off this elegant masterpiece?

@matthew i'd argue that no matter the color, the MS will stand out in the crowd...

@Reilly McHugh - This is the only authorized mistress I'm allow to have... It was a tough sell to the boss, aka da wife.

"• BLACK: If you prefer black items, you might be showing the world that you are a very conservative person who prefers a classic appearance over trendy or flashy items. It is a powerful colour and means

that you would like to be taken seriously as a professional in your career and in life."

I love the black because it goes with the nose cone and the sun roof. I am not conservative, not interested in a classic appearance, and hope nobody takes me seriously.

Just had a c-quartz finish put on it and it really pops.

We have just about one of each color between our two sites at work.

My opinion:

The worst:
Silver and White just don't compliment the design, the curves get lost.

The Middle:
Red: Signature = Amazing.
Standard Red = meh..I got sick of looking at pretty quick. Tan leather is almost a must with this color.

Grey: Almost Amazing. I keep going back and forth on this color. Some days it is my favorite. If you go grey get the pano roof or use the option and have the roof painted black to break the color up a bit. Grey requires the owner to make the wheels and interior compliment. Go cloth, or tan leather and 21". My Xterra is close to this color. The paint holds up VERY well and doesn't look terrible when the car is really dirty like Black and Blue cars do.

The Best:
Green - Typically green cars make me want to vomit. The Tesla Green is something else. Absolutely amazing! I can't say enough about how blown away i was by the depth and it's ability to look grey, black in different lighting.

Black: Classic and always very nice. Tesla black is fantastic. Right now I'm 50/50 green or Black.
Blue: Very nice. Reminds me of a better Saab 93 blue. When clean it is beautiful.

I'm personally stuck on color choices as well: Black/Green and sometimes Grey.

My choice is the Green. I love the fact that its not an incredibly popular car color. The green looks the best for my tastes but I would be happy with any of the colors. I am getting the green with the black leather interior.

Any browns? I am going with blue--the paint chips don't do it justice on the website--but in person it is very nice.

I love black, but I've had it so many times that I'm aching for a change and every blemish shows. I had silver and white - ho hum. Current vehicle is a grey metallic so have lived with this color for the last five years. I've always wanted red but it never felt appropriate before... but this is going to be my dream car once it's in my driveway so I'm going red! :) God help me with speeding tickets!

I have blue and would not change. I have seen all the other colors and not too many I don't like, but blue is still my favorite.

The blue is fairly complex too, as mentioned regarding green above. Shows differently depending upon the light.

The only other colors I might consider are green, it really is striking and I would agree it is the most complex of the colors, or either of the reds. I like them both.

However the color you will be seeing the most is white, the white on the faces of your passengers when you "punch" it and all the blood flows back away from their faces, accompanied by that curious Tesla grin.

Best of luck with you selection.

On paper, and with swatches in the showroom, it's hard to say. I saw the sig red in person when a Beta debuted at the DC store a few years ago. The best color for the car, I think. By contrast, the multi-coat red is too much for my taste.

I really like the shade of blue, but I haven't seen a blue one yet. Based on the design studio, however, I thought that the blue clashed with all the black portions (around the taillights, the front bumper, etc.).

I have seen a black - it's slick and classy. I would be happy with that.

I saw a gray one up close - didn't like it...seemed too drab to me.

I didn't know that the green was chameleon-like...very interesting...that would be worth seeing in person.

I think the chrome trim complements both the MC white and the silver, and the black portions don't look out of place as much to me.

Well, I just rambled without much help...let those who have a Model S cast their opinions...

We went with the blue and I'm really happy with it. I originally thought it was too close to black, but under the right lighting conditions, it is absolutely gorgeous. The only downside is you have to be REALLY careful when washing it to avoid swirl marks and you also have to keep it really clean for it to look its best. I imagine the upkeep required for black would be similar. White or gray would be lower maintenance. I wouldn't mind if the blue was a tiny bit lighter, but I have absolutely no desire to change to a different color in the current Model S palette.

In this day of evermore distracted drivers, the mc red is the one most likely to be noticed by those thinking of pulling out or turning left in front of you. That's the reason I plan to use when someone asks if I'm going through my mid- to late-life crisis. :0

The silver goes very well with the chrome on the car and silver 21" wheels. We have the gray leather which is very light. The HOV stickers do not stand out as much on the light colors.

I went with the classic look (black exterior, 21" silver wheels and grey leather interior). I always wanted a black car but my prior vehicles I drove (Lexus RX, BMW 5) just didn't have that eye catching appeal & differential in Black as the MS does. It's an eye magnet.
I plan to keep my P85 into my retirement in 10+ years so that's why years down the road, when my taste may change, the classic look will still remain in style.


I had brown up until 11:30pm the night it was going to be non-changeable. I saw a youtube video of the red and changed my order!

Unfortunately no dealership here yet and when I drove to Chicago I could only see blue and white. Wanted to see brown in person!

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