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How soon before delivery did the Tesla App work?

My car came off the line 6/12. It didn't clear the factory until yesterday. Was hoping for Wednesday delivery, but looking more like Thursday or Friday as it has to go to Denver first... :( I keep checking the App to see if I can track the location, but it isn't activated in the car yet. Was it activated for anyone before delivery? If so, when?

I was told that they would not link the account before the delivery. One can easily imagine the risk it might post to service personnel if you were to fire up the A/C or set off the horn/lights while they're working on the car.

Mine was deactivated from the settings screen when I got it. I turned it on at delivery and it's worked fine ever since.

Doesn't stop me from trying about eight times a day!

yeah me too. Due date the Wedns but I am not as neurotic as you are. I only check 7 times a day

@stangel - they link it to the account well before delivery, but do not activate remote access.

OP - I think the delivery specialists activate the remote access as part of their checklist, though it could conceivably be done at the service center by the DS.

Yep. I just downloaded the app this afternoon, and put in my TeslaMotors login information. That took, but when I start the app, it just shows my email address and the dots for the password. My DS just told me it wouldn't be activated until delivery. It looks like there are a lot of delivery the last week of this month. 9 on the 28th from the Bellevue store, 8 or 9 the day before, and 8 or 9 the day after. Looks like they're really pushing for a good 2nd quarter report.

Yes, I too check regularly to see if my MS is "alive yet."

Just found out it will be delivered Thursday evening! A day late, but good enough. The next 3 days will be the longest ever....

Your DS will assist you to sync your app to your car during delivery, not a second before...

When my app finally connected, I called up my DS and they said the car just rolled off the production line. This was a weak earlier than they predicted. They keep remote access disabled for obvious reasons, but it seems that when the app first makes contact with the car, your car was probably switched on at the factory at that point.

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