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iPhone/iPad app feature wish list.

While the Tesla app meets the basic needs, What features do you wish an iPad or iPhone app had that the current tesla app does not?

- Display mileage data
- Open/close windows and/or pano
- Choose User for seats, mirrors
- Adjust ride height
- Basically do anything as if from 17" screen

- Adjust charging current

- turn on back and front defrosters

I would also like the car to keep the heater settings when I warm the car from the app, and not return everything to auto. Full control of heater settings would be best

What about scheduled or predictive heating/cooling based on your trended driving schedule or geofence proximity to the car?

I was also looking for a way to get alerted when your charge is complete or passed a miles threshold, or parking timer.

I also noticed people complain their is no dream mode for potential buyers or wishful admirers.

I'd like to see the ability to control a scheduled charge from the app. Also, I'd like to see an iPad version of the app.

Turn on seat warmers
Start updates

Send data to navigation with way points

1) Push notification (email or text option) if parked by a previously used charger location and after 5 minutes the car has not been plugged in (LEAF app has this feature). 2) Push notification if charge stops before reaching set charge limit and cable still plugged in (e.g., breaker trips at RV park) 3) Push notification if charging reduced by 25% due to current abnormalities (e.g, cable not inserted all the way) 4) Push notification when away from home charging location when charging is within 10 mins of being complete.

Record & Clear Trip data.
Breadcrumbs would be ideal, periodic capture of data from the car on a trip, but realistically just capturing trip data on demand would be fine.

Oh and capturing SC charging info to provide a record of charge efficiency @ SC locations / time spent charging.

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