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Latest Delivery in Washington

Who has the most recent delivery in Washington?

Picked up my S on 20 Dec at the Seattle service center. Has been fun to drive but now I am having mobile connector issues. Res # 2090, Vin # 1935, Pearl White with everything but the CF spoiler.

Picked mine up 12/27 at service center. VIN 2313. Good experience. Ken said i was the third delivery of the day and it wss only 2:00. Already have 400 miles.

Mine (reservation 7210, VIN 2645) was delivered to me at home in Bellevue on 12/29.

My care was just delivered this morning (Jan 3rd) to my home! How many cars are in WA?
P#8688 VIN 2677


What mobile connector issues?


I got a thermal fault once and the suggested fix was to charge in a shady location. As its been 40 degrees here in WA that seemed a bit strange. Then I got 8 flashing red lights which is not listed in the users guide. TESLA service seems to think a voltage spike may be tripping the UMC, and that seem most likely the case. Just happened again yesterday afternoon. I tend to leave the UMC plugged into the 14-50 outlet, and then get the UMC issue when plugging into the car. Everything seems to clear when I unplug the UMC from the 14-50 outlet, wait 10-15 minutes, and then plug it back in. Then connecnt to the car and everything goes ok.

P#7097, VIN#2641 finally made the trip up from Vancouver. Picked it up at the Seattle Service Center around 6PM. A blue one from the same truck was being delivered also.

Had to go straight to the airport. Naturally all 6 charging spots were occupied by Volts and Plug in Priuses.


At least the spots weren't ICE'd!

epley, a plug in Prius or a Volt is as good as ICEing... it's not like they NEED the charger while away.

I don't know about the Volt, and I don't know if this happens to all Priuses, but for some models, if you don't drive the car for a while (I think like at least two weeks), then the battery will die and the car can't be started.

Well, they have internal combustion engines and regular car batteries (both the Volt and the plugin Prius) so I find it hard to believe they would have to be plugged in at the airport.

Bump...last delivery mentioned in this thread is stevedar on January 8th. Any deliveries to WA in the last 10 days?

Sequence #1574, Brown, non-perf, 19" wheels. We picked ours up in Seattle on Wednesday, January 16th. We were offered a delivery event date of December 20th but went out of town on the 17th.

We're in Olympia and the car is truly great.

Had mine delivered about 10 days ago - Black, 85KW, pano, leather, 19" - It's been a blast, range is not quite in alignment with I;d expected, but not concerned (I would be if I had stayed with the 40KW I first ordered). I drive 40 miles a day and probably burn through 60-80 "rated miles'.

That said, I could drive with a bit less acceleration.

Very happy with it, anxious for the Tesla App as well as other apps to be available for use.

I haven't seen a MS driving around since I rcvd mine.

Love not having to fill up with gas - interested to see my first electric bill for comparison.

My bill each month is about $35 more since getting the car, taking into account temp differences, etc. My fuel-efficient Saturn was costing about $80 per month in gas...that said, it will take a LONG time for this to pay off. On the other hand, it's an awesome car and I don't care if it ever pays for itself, I'm having too much fun!

Well, this thread will probably die now that we've got so many delivered here in WA (300 was the count according to my DS), but I thought I would add my info before that happens. :-)

Picked up my car yesterday, 1/29, from the Seattle Service Center.

P1065, VIN3578
60kWh, Green w/tan, obeche gloss, pano, tech, air,
Rear-facing seats (which were installed, had fun last night)

Great news Salman. Just wish Tesla woud communicate with all of us that took delivery without the rear seats their plan to get these installed. Has anyone heard status of the partial shelf?

Just found this thread. I got mine delivered to Hwy 99 parking lot in south Edmonds on 1/2/2013. Pearl white 85kw, pano, tech package. I am working through a number of delvery issues as car was deliverd with 3 inch gash on driver side door, and the stone guard covering right front quarter panel was not secured and was coming off. I also have condensation in right rear tail light that has not gone away after 4 weeks. Very frustrating getting Tesla to schdule service to fix these issues, but have finally gotten a clear point of contact (James Maddux) who is responding to issues related to my car. I am interested in knowing if anyone other than myself had any issues relative to their delivered MS? Also, the delivery was very stressful, as they gave me 4 delivery dates (December 22 - January 2)and missed all four. The truck driver,delivering my car when contacted was incredulous that Tesla told me that I would get the car on 1/1/13, as he had 4 cars to deliver in Seattle on that date. I finally got it on 1/2/13, meeting the truck in a parking lot, as the truck was too big to navigate to my home near Lake Ballinger. I was very surprised that there was no Tesla representative there to go over the car with me. I had to drive in to the Westlake service center the following Saturday to get an overview on car and its hardware. That said, I love the car, and hope to get the car in the condition I expected in the near future.


Sorry to hear it. First story like this I"ve heard in Washington. Lots of delivery issues nationwide. Early adopter issues for sure. James at Tesla is great. I saw a Pearl white in the shop yesterday when I dropped my car off--if it's yours, it was looking good!

Regardless of the crappy delivery experience, you'll love the car once you've had a chance to settle in!

Another David

Thanks David, I already do love this car. This car is an absolute pleasure to drive in terms of handling and responsiveness. James has already scheduled someone to come out and fix the scratch at our home, so at least one of the cosmetic deficiencies is being resolved.

Congrats, Salman. I had a chance to oogle your car while it was being detailed at the Seattle Service Center. Beautiful! Can't wait for my green monster.

P4168 Pearl Wh 21's
We pick it up Monday morning at the service center.

Now all we need are superchargers on I5 Marysville, Centralia, Woodburn, and on into CA

Thanks @sthornton, hope you get yours soon. The green is really an amazing appears black or really dark gray indoors, and then bursts into green in sunlight. Beautiful!


Congratulations on the delivery, but sorry to hear about the issues on delivery. I have had a few minor issues, but James M has been very helpful resolving all of them.

I just got my HPC unit delivered, got the car back in October.

I live in edmonds, hope to see you and your car around. Mine is a Red one.


Saw a green one today at 4 corners about 130 or so. My first sighting in the wild, other than the one in my drive.

Thanks JimBI. Hope to see you around as well. Have you gotten your HPC installed yet, and if so does the $200 Tesla says they will provide cover the installation costs? I expect to get mine sometime this month, and look forward to getting it operational to replace the NEMA 6-50 outlet. If you have it installed, who was your vendor for installation (Solar City?).

At what point does Tesla mention that they will provide any money towards the installation of an HPWC?

JackA. A Tesla rep from Headquarters mentioned that they would provide $200 when I was discussing the charging station requirements for installation and the delay in shipping the HPC. Given my recent history with Tesla reps saying one thing and not following through I guess I would not take that promise to the bank until confirmed by another source.


I just got the HPC delivered by FedX a couple of days ago. They left the thing on my door step. A bit expensive to leave on a door step.

I will have my electrician do the install. I too am replacing a NEMA 6-50. I will let you know how it goes. He may be able to install this weekend. I am fortunate in that my circuit panel is in perfect position next to where I will have the HPC installed.

JackA. After your question about where I got the info on $200 dollar reimbursement for HPWC installation, I found the email from Telsa, which I have pasted below, which confirms that those who ordered HPWC will get a reimbursement up to $200. Instructions for getting the reimbursement are provided below. Cheers!

Hi David,

Your Model S will include the twin chargers on board the vehicle, the High Power Wall Connector will be shipped afterwards. Right now my best estimate for the High Power Wall Connector is early 2013.

For the inconvenience of having a second site visit by an electrician to swap out the outlet for your High Power Wall Connector Tesla will reimburse you up to $200. Once the wall unit is shipped and installed email a copy of your invoice to and we will send a reimbursement check.

I have also attached the installation guide for the High Power Wall Connector so your electrician can make sure to prepare for it. I apologize for the inconvenience in the High Power Wall Connector arriving after your Model S.

Best regards,

Walter Franck | Ownership Experience Advocate
3500 Deer Creek Rd. | Palo Alto, Ca 94304
877.778.3752 | Service 877.79.TESLA #9 | e

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