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Mazda Shinari looks like a sporty aggressive version of Model S

Anyone notice similarities with Mazda's new Shinari concept car? It looks really nice, but it looks strikingly very identical in design compared to Model S styling and proportions, except it looks more sportier and aggressive. You can imagine how a sporty model of Model S will potentially look like by looking at Shinari concept. I know Hans formerly worked for Mazda prior to joining Tesla. I am wondering was this Han's original design or Mazda's? I wish Model S looks more stylish like Shinari concept car.

I have to agree that it looks similar, though it is still just ICE-age car with large front grill and bad aerodynamics.

What about the sedan SPORT edition looking more aggresive and give us 0-60 in four seconds

@Aleksandyr, if you post the same message in each and every thread, it is really hard to decide where to place a response. Should I copy-paste my response to all those threads where you posted your same comment? It is totally sufficient to choose one thread that fits your concern. Your message will be read, and other readers are only annoyed to read the same comment over an over again.

Regarding your obsession with acceleration: There is already a thread that is entirely dedicated to this particular topic:

And it turns out, that already the standard version of the Model S is a match for the "porche panamera":
Panamera: 6.8
Panamera S: 5.6

There is a Panamera turbo with some acceleration pack that does 4.0s

There is a Panamera turbo with some acceleration pack that does 4.0s (Nicu)

Panamera Turbo 4.0s $137k
Panamera Turbo S 3.6s $173k

So yes, out of 7 Porsche Panamera models that are sold in the US, 3 are significantly faster than the Model S. I can live with that. For those who can't I expect there will be a sports version -- but only if and when the Model S production is working well and the Model S sells in profitable volume. So, for any acceleration maniacs, the way to go is buy a standard Model S now and upgrade later... :-)

The Mazda Shinaru is startlingly similar in appearance to the S. I also like the seats they propose....... very nice indeed.

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