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NEMA 14-50 installation cost and code requirements?

My contractor is telling me I need a cutoff between the Jbox (already ran the 60A/240V wiring to the garage) and the 'charger' and that this would cost $600. Anybody else get this response? I was told this is 'code' but I read the Seattle electrical code and could not find the requirement.

I would have thought the cutoff is 'pull the plug out.'

Anybody have an electrical contractor they liked for installing the NEMA 14-50 in Seattle?

Sounds like he's installing a hot tub.

The cutoff is the breaker in the panel. Question is how far away is the panel? Mine is about 8 or 10 feet, so it can be reached easily enough.

On a hot tub you usualy need a cutoff within x distance of the tub, but no more than x distance away.

Call the inspector directly if you like.

He clarified that it is because I have a detached garage so is a good idea (if there is a problem) to have a cutoff switch IN the garage (instead of having to go in the house to the breaker panel in the basement).

I just had a NEMA 14-50 installed in my detached garage. No breaker was needed. I cable runs directly from main panel inside my home to the receptacle on wall.

@kashiraja | JANUARY 25, 2013: I just had a NEMA 14-50 installed in my detached garage. No breaker was needed. I cable runs directly from main panel inside my home to the receptacle on wall.

So you have no breaker in your main panel for the NEMA 14-50 wire run? If that's true, then I believe this is not only a code violation, but extremely dangerous. A short circuit will cause your wires to heat up and melt - possibly causing a fire. The purpose of a breaker or a fuse is to prevent excessive current in the wire from causing the wire to overheat.

Alex K, I think he means no breaker in the garage. (I hope so!!!) My electrician says a separate building needs its own disconnect panel (suppose for example there is a fire and house is locked).

Anyway seems like a good way to go so the extra bit of money is worth it for piece of mind to me.

So I will have 60A breaker at main panel feeding a 50A 240V breaker and a 10A 110V breaker in garage.

What electricians are you using in seattle area(mercer island/Bellevue)?

I used W E Electric, I have a detached garage. They had to make a run of around 70 linear feet, about 25 feet of which was underground, including trenching under a concrete walkway. They were respectful of the garden, and I was pleased with the work. The price was about $1600, but they haven't sent me the bill yet.

@Alex K., @DTsea,
I have breaker in subpanel naturally, but there is nothing between the outlet in garage and the subpanel inside my home. That is, no breaker or secondary subpanel in the detached garage. (There is a main breaker for the feeder to the home that is accessible near the meter/main panel which is outside.)

@DouglasR, my runs where exactly the same and the bill too! I used SolarCity. My other estimate with another contractor was upwards of $5000 (which included a lot more trenching and was a totally different approach).


I had an experience with Solar City that was not as good. See my post here:

Brad at Volt tech. Coming this Friday. $250 . My box though is in the garage

$250 is dirt cheap...

Just converted from NEMA 6-50 to HPC. Charging is fast. Charges at 80 amps off a 100 amp breaker. More details are I run it for a week.

Installed Friday-quick and was $250. Brady at 206-571-0291. Very familiar w?tesla installs. Car due the 16th. Question is when are the Superchargers being installed in Seattle to Portland and tp BC on I-5???

@Laryrob Did you get your MS on the 16th?. How is the $250 installation working for you. Would love to use Brady for my installation if its all good for you.

Installing a 14-50 myself. Total run from breaker box to wall outlet 35 feet on ceiling of garage. Bought 4-10' sticks of 3/4" EMT and 40 feet of #6 THHN in Red, Black, Green and White; Outlet box and misc connections. Total about $225 for material alone at Home Depot.
Yes! Charging runs perfect. at 40 amp,no heat; if I plug in when I'm home its always fully charged( i charge to 80 %- 184 miles,60 kw battery). Call Brady-on a time/material basis appears cheaper than RA paid doing it himself although I had a shorter run

Almost all of the material cost was the #6 wire, about $212. Each wire was selling for $1.32 per foot, times 4 = $5.28 per foot, so distance makes a big difference. Total time to install is probably only 3 hours tops, less for an electrician that does it all of the time. Only took 1.5 hours to install the conduit and boxes, should take me only another 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. I'm slow.

@Alex K. - Just to confirm. No separate breaker in garage, but yes there is a breaker in the main panel inside of course.

In the event I couldn't access my garage to disconnect, I could still access the main breaker on the main service panel outside. Installation passed without any issues (only comment was that the electrician should have had the inspection done before they filled the trench with dirt, as he had to take my word for it that conduit was 12" under ground and joints were sealed etc.).

Brady from Volt Tech installed my 50 amp service and NEMA 14-50 this morning. It was a little more than LaryRob's price, at $350 and change including tax, for an installation just below my service panel. Brady was informative, on time, the installation looks great and he cleaned up after himself.

Now all I need is the car!

red, panoramic, grey leather, lacewood, 60kWh, tech, suspension and supercharging

EV charging stations are exempt from WA sales tax. I printed out the form, signed it, and gave it to the neighborhood electrician. Thirty some feet of conduit and #6 copper wire. One 14-50 outlet in the basement garage and a second 14-50 outlet in the carport after drilling through a concrete wall. All for less than $400 total. Very pleased!

@mcx-sea do you have a number for your neighborhood electrician?. He seems to be cheap. Brady from Volt Tech seems to have increased his price. Thanks in advance


Perry Electric

Lake Washington Electric did mine. Needed a sub panel in my (detached) garage to meet Seattle code but they did a good job for under $500.

I had Brady from Volt Tech come out this week. He installed a 14-50 with 50 amp service, but I had him do it in a way that would support an easy transition to 100 amp service if I decide to get the HPWC (heavier wire, etc). I'm thinking that's more likely when we eventually become a two-Tesla family in another year or two.

The outlet was a good 30' from the panel, so he charged me just over $700. I could have probably gotten this done cheaper, but it wouldn't have been worth the hassle of multiple bids. Brady did a good, clean job and was able to do the future-proof install easily.

Hello All

I see that there is the sales tax exemption for the install of charging outlets at home that few of you have claimed , can someone pl. post the link or the exact form # to fill ?

@ravil_01 - The form is linked in the third post of this thread:

It worked for me.

I did this and the contractor had no problem not charging me tax!!

Thanks for the response

SolarCity performed our install and did an excellent job.

Several folks here mentioned Solar City did their install, but what was the price?

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