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NEW TO THE FORUM? Read this before posting.

Welcome!! So, you’ve got questions. We can help, as a matter of fact we want to. All we ask is that you read through this first. The Tesla Model S (MS) Forum helps those who help themselves.

There is no SEARCH function. However, nickjhowe created a workaround that will yield non-private threads:

Software Suggestions can be made by anyone at or by reservation holders or owners on Rod and Barbara's Prioritized Software Enhancement thread.
Also read this:

For a look at the progress Tesla Motors (TM) has made on improvements take a look at the punch list started in July 2012 by ddruz:

nickjhowe put together the comprehensive and incredibly valuable Delivery Checklist and Owner's Guide. It is must reading for prospective owners and owners alike. Find it here:

Road Trip Charging Options can be found here:
Experiment with travel conditions and range at

Recommended level of charge is between 50%-62%. Only max charge when absolutely necessary. Do not go below 10 miles to go unless necessary. There is a 15-17 mile buffer when you reach 0. Always keep car plugged in when not in use when possible. Many discussion threads on this topic.

For cool web screens such as a 007 Control Panel, go to For a really nice Tesla themed clock go to

If you're an owner with an issue call Ownership (877-798-3752) and also post it. Please, consider making your thread private to keep ammunition out of the hands of short sellers and trolls. A private thread or stating your VIN in your post would also give your concern more credibility. Or follow this link and post.

If you're an owner or reservation holder and you can't access private threads (You would see the "clubs" at the bottom of the main forum page) call Ownership. They'll hook you up.

Once you finalize your order there is no way to know when your VIN will be assigned or when your Delivery Specialist will contact you. Be assured you will get all the information you require in due time to attain insurance and financing.

Restarting solves many problems. If gremlins appear press and hold both scroll wheels for 10 seconds to reset MCU (Can be done in motion). Hold both buttons above scroll wheel to reset dash (Do NOT do this while driving.). If car won't wake up press on brake, hard, and do the scroll wheel thing.

The brake lights illuminate during regenerative braking. You can check this at night through the rear view camera or hit the battery icon. The lights on the representation reflect the lights that are on in the car.

Avoid the dreaded frunk crease. Close the frunk as shown at the 2 minute mark here:

Preheating the car in frigid temps is essential for windows and doors. Allow 15-20 minutes before departure.

There is no spare tire. SEARCH for solutions.

Yes. You should buy a Model S instead of a _________!

60? 85? P? +? Consensus is to buy what you can afford. Regrets are mostly from those who didn't stretch.

If you're obsessing over color don't get white. Mine is white and I want it to stand out. Grey hides dirt best.

ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars sometimes block EV (Electric Vehicle) charging spots.

BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) cars sometimes use charging spots as parking spots.

The EXTENDED SERVICE AGREEMENT (ESA) doubles your 4 year/50,000 mile warranty. The 4 year service plan gets you a discount by prepaying for your 12 month/12,000 mile service. 4+4 prepays it for 8 years. The ANYWHERE plan adds Ranger Service. SEARCH for service plans to see multiple threads on the subject.

Complain vertically. First initial+last name will get you everyone but Elon. ( And be persistent. Upper management wants you to be completely satisfied.

Questions about local electricians and rates should be posted on the appropriate club forum.

For an explanation about kWh and Wh/mile go here

Fires are bad.

Tesla built a car not a perpetual motion machine. Solar panels, wind turbines and super magnets are not going to change that.

Spelling Counts!! So does grammar! Papers are graded by Brian H.

There is no EDIT (except for the Original Poster (OP) of the first post. Navigate to upper left corner.)

To change username: My Tesla > My Profile > Username
Do NOT change your email in the email field, only username.

When returning to a thread click on the "new" in the third column (Replies) to skip to the unread posts.

I will take suggestions and edit as necessary.

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At TMC they are no longer using the word F1R3 or the word reca11 because they figured out that the Googles are looking for those words for news and financial purposes in forums. Weird world we live in huh? Maybe we should change the form of the word F1R3 in the header?

Maybe we should add that anything posted here can turn into a news article. With the example of news article about console made by a 3D printer.

Don't forget for fun features and greeting cards on your car's display.

@Captain_Zap I added tesla.tuner to the sticky. However, I don't think posters should have to censor themselves just because someone might write a negative news article based on their post. If we have to start doing that the terrorists win. :-)


Good point, jtodtman.

Is it really the terrorists winning or the robots? Are they they same?!?!
That sounds like a old campy movie coming on. ;-)




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You may want to add in addition to Until TM provides a larger time display on the touchscreenand dash, I like to set one of my touchscreen displays to

I am new and have a question:

Can anyone tell me what words and phrases the automatic site monitor does not permit? Curse-words, obviously, various crude insults, and other clearly rude language, but are there others? I have some thoughts that some of you might find interesting, and would like to share them. However, they fall into the realm of ideas rather than something of the nature of, "My interior light won't go off when I shut the door", and I gather that the system's attempt to prevent flame wars and other bitter wrangling makes some ideas rather hard to put across, even if they are not particularly bitter or flamish.

If there are specific words and phrases banned, is there somewhere I could find a list of them, or a list of guidelines, or a set of general Terms of Service?

Thank you.

Baribrotzer, I have never had anything banned when stated using normal proper language. If you are worried about your statements being banned you are probably in the wrong place. Most who post here do so in a professional and unemotional way.

The purpose of the forum is to discuss issues and learn about the cars.

@Baribrotzer You should post this as an original topic. Some of us veterans are unaware and not affected by the Captcha screen, so we aren't familiar with the issue you're having. So, copy this post under a new topic and someone should be able to answer you. And Welcome.

@jjb94941 Done. Thanks, great suggestion.

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