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New Rims And Tires

I think this subject was already discussed before but I can't find this thread. I think that the car of this size and quality should have much wider tires, particularly rare and bigger variety of rims.

Looks like nobody cares about variety of rims to offer. I think that Tesla S is so beautiful that it deserves different rims to choose from.

The aftermarket selection is unlimited, as long as you buy wheels with the same offset, width, diameter and bolt pattern as factory wheels. I bought gorgeous wheels for my snow tires from
19x8.5 Advanti Racing B1 Lupo silver painted wheels at $199 each plus shipping.
The only problem is the issue of going without TPMS and living with the tire pressure warning message, or installing TPMS and then going to Tesla Service to get them programmed. I do not do that for the 3-4 months that I ha e the snow tires/wheels on. I live with the warning message.

Agree. Likely, coming in following model years .

docdac. What's the offset of your rims?

Those are the 40mm offset correct? Nice! I like the black to go with my dolphin color gray.

Will tesla put them on for you and add the TPMS? How much do charge for that? I hope they are supportive because I do not like their 19" wheel option

I paid just over $500 for four sensors and mounting/balancing at the Seattle service center. Rims were $556 for 4 Elbrus I08, and four winter sport 3D came to $920.

If you like the look of the turbine 21" but want 19" this might be an option:

@ylyubarsky 40mm, but I think 35mm works too.
Here is a link to the wheels that says will fit a 2012 Tesla Model S

Did you see the wheels on the X at Detroit? Exceptional.

Brian H

The wheels were great, so why can we get an option to obtain them instead of looking everywhere after the purchase. By the way I've found a nice 20 inch rims. Looking good. That's my style:
20X8.5 Advanti Racing Ligero with a little bolts around the rim.

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