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New video at vimeo: Model S and Roadster

There is new video at Vimeo about Roadster and Model S:

That video made me wonder about that Model S ground clearance: where had it been measured actually? Which part of the car? Car looks that it has higher ground clearance than Roadster and Roadster ground clearance is, according to owners manual, 130mm which is more than Model S 113mm that FAQ says. That's opposite of what my eyes tell me.

This is a bit confusing. I think I need to see the car live. I hope some beta-model comes to visit Finland in some car exhibition soon after release.

Great find, thanks for the link! :-) It's not yet up on Tesla's own blog page, but I guess they will publish it there very soon.

Look at 0:25. As it looks to me ground clearance is about the same, but remember this is Alpha.

We are talking 17mm guys. I watched the video and froze it and I don't know how anyone can see 3/4" of detail.

Ground clearance only concerns me when talking about the front and rear skirts and the door clearance when opening them. The front and rear skirts can be managed by not parking overly close.

The door clearance is not that easy to resolve. i'd hate to constantly hang up my doors on curbs and have to get everyone out so the car rises up so I can close the door. I'm all for mega low drag cofficients, but the car still needs to performance in the real world. It can't get destroyed on speed bumps and the droos can't be constantly grinded off by curbs.

From a 2nd generation perspective, the doors can be redesigned to be higher and narrowers actually. This would create a mini door step. prob 2"-4" high.

Just guessing.

In your camp, straight shooter. Insure the door clearance, or legislatively eliminate all curbs. Not sure the Teabags in Washington could convince congress that curbs are another social welfare program,,

They pulled the video. :-( Seems that Timo was lucky to find it while it was not password protected.

Hmm, went back to watch the video again and it's password protected now... perhaps it was not intended to be publicly available yet.

Peak Oil bruin, your comment made me smile with the image of all curbs being modified to support a minority of vehicles :)

Thanks for the youtube link

Very nice how the video shows rolling acceleration at 40 seconds. That would be a great specification to highlight... 60 to 100 MPH. A background other than California desert would be appreciated.

Fun thing is, I cannot get rid of the impression that this video is a CGI rendering. The scenery looks like taken from an ego shooter, and the cars look somehow detached from the environment. Particularly the close-ups have an unrealistic touch to them. Is it just me or does anybody else feel the same? I think the cars are real, it's just that they did not actually drive there that day.

I think you've just got a real feel for California, that's all. :)

"computer: exit!"

"Computer! End program!"

Seriously speaking, I got a flashback from one of the original gumball rally movies, where those two girls on black Lamborghini teased the cops. The clip where they drive behind the cop car, go past it, and accelerate away (BTW in that movie there are scenes in beginning where you can tell that cars are actually moving fast, and it is not just some TV trick. Something to do how the camera moves and blurring of the background. It was probably cheaper to actually drive fast than do some camera trick to make it look like it).

When that Model S darts away you can see that it accelerates fast. Short clip, but I like it.

When will right hand drive Model S be available?


"Right-hand drive production is scheduled to begin in mid-2013."

The video has finally been officially published by Tesla in today's newsletter.

Coincidentally, the original vimeo link is working again. I wonder when it will appear on the blog page.

When I saw this video, the back end of Model S does not give me a unique wow factor. It reminds me too much of a Jaguar or a Lexus. I didn't like the thick black line that shows the trunk seal line, which does not flow with the clean look. I am sure this is only an Alpha shown. I will have to wait until Beta arrives to see it in person to make a judgement.

Volker.Berlin. Are you from Berlin, Germany? I am going to be in Berlin this weekend for my vacation.

Volker.Berlin. Are you from Berlin, Germany?

Yes that's right. Email me at (disposable email address). I'll get back to you with my phone number, maybe we can have a coffee together or something. :-)

@cytek, I did not receive any email on the aforementioned account. If you did send mail, I just want to say it was not my intent to ignore you. I noticed that mailinator seems to delete email automatically after 24h or something like that, so maybe I just missed it. I hope you had an enjoyable stay in Berlin!

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