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Noise From The Soft Top of Roadster Sport

I noticed a thump noise coming from the left side of the soft top on my Roadster Sport. It happens during acceleration, slowing down, and suddenly stopping. After several visits to the shop (and they are extremely nice at Menlo Park, CA), I figured it out. One of the black pins that sits in a groove at the edge of the soft top rattles causing the rump noise. I added some masking tape around the pin, to make it fit snugg, and the noise disappeared. Menlo Park is working on a more elegant solution.

More elegant than masking tape? I doubt that's possible ....


No kidding.

I actually had the same noise. The tech told me to put grease or vaseline (yes, vaseline) in the grooves. It actually worked for a while until the metal starts to rub again. I'll try the masking tape method - sounds like it should work!

BrianH, Masking tape comment was truly funny.

Electrical tape might look a little sleeker, what with it being all black and shiny.

Good idea about black tape. I just changed mine to black tape.

I'd go for duct tape myself... But do it cleanly.

"Nothing says poor workmanship like wrinkled duct tape"
-Red Green


Masking tape to "mask" a noise? Funny.

Road noise. My other toy is an SLK so I have been a little amazed at the wind noise at cruise speeds. Is this because there is no engine noise and therefore the outside mirrors are more noticeable? I know the windows must be adjusted for different tops but this car has always had a soft top. Any one else notice the mirror wind noise or should I try for maintence adjustment?

My Roadster even after both noise reduction kits is far from "quiet" especially at highway speeds. I have heard similar from many other Roadster owners and posts. I have to be below about 65 to use the bluetooth in-car phone and often slow to 60 or the ambient noise is a bit too much.

But in talking to Lotus owners my car is quiet in comparison so I guess your baseline matters a lot.

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