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Norway: Insurance

Has anyone in Norway been quoted car insurance for the Model S Performance?
If so, who with and how much? has The Model S in its inventory

@ HaraldH

Tried their 'calculator' and even got a quote. Feel my Gjensidige relationship should give an improvement to that and will give them a call. Nevertheless, goods to see that some general preparation is going in here in Norway, despite months and months aways from deliveries...

Gjensidige also has Model S. You can choose variant (performance, signature, etc.). Gjensidige w/discounts is between 2k and 4k more per year than tryg when I tried.

Thats good news for me and all other Norwegians! :) I pay annual 4k NOK approx. 720USD) for my BMW 520IA today with 70%, full liability & 100% coverage on the car. I wonder what the price would be to get the same insurance for the equivilant BMW M5? fyttirakkern ;)

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