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Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

I assume it means production has started, or at least it's in the queue. I got my VIN last weekend (U.S.), have communicated with my DS several times and have been told it should be through the factory sometime the week of the 17th. Now I'm told to expect delivery on June 28th. I suspect you're about a week behind me, but of course, you have to wait for the car to ship across the ocean, and may have to wait for the ship it's on the fill up. I have no idea how many have to be on the ship before it leaves port.

I learned something new! I have always thought that VIN = Res.Nr.

But now I was bored because I have nothing VIN

Something happened. But it was nothing, so Nothing happened! :-)

Got a nice fall from a Tesla rep this week : your Tesla (european model Sig Perf Plus) is being built:-) transport will by train to the east cost and then by boat to Drammen, Norway. Cars should arrive late July and first delivery soon therafter.... Can't wait, plan to fly over from Stavanger to pick it up and drive Home

Nice! I hope you will have many good journeys in your car and no problems.


My VIN showed up today; 14901. Signature perf #423. I´m psyched! Slowly, slowly, the day I can step into my Model S is closing in.

It is happening! July delivery was it?

My VIN finally showed up yesterday. 15059. Don't know when I'll get my car. Feels closer now. Hope for middle of August delivery, but didn't hear from Tesla yet. Model Performance standard production. Reservation #189.

It seems that there is no EU conformity yet. They produce now for Europe only outside EU, for Norway and Switzerland. July is running and seems already very tight for July deliveries, August already questionmark. In US they get cars now really fast, probably not very long order backlog or they might use slots planned for Europe. Also no publicity regarding European production. I think main challenge is to deliver EU Signatures before Norway general production. Hopefully they will get EU conformity soon, US secret service survelliance data according to BBC shows that Tesla has already twice failed in emissions test.

"Hopefully they will get EU conformity soon, US secret service survelliance data according to BBC shows that Tesla has already twice failed in emissions test."

I always said they forgot the catalytic converter!

LOL, that's a great one!

I wonder if any cars are on the sea, heading east.


No cars on the sea yet - according to my Tesla rep they will first go by Train to the East coast end then by boat. My Sig Perf Plus Vin no 14910 should be in the first around aug 1 :-)

thomas: what does that means: catalytic converter, for a car with no gas engine??? how could tesla fail in a emission test if it does not burn gas?!

@ Jean PierreD
It was a joke ie funny, haha! methinks.

@ hugo

Your Sig Perf Plus Vin no 14910 will be in the production process within a few days.

@Jean PierreD
Gotcha Jean Pierre :)
Of course it was a joke!


It is GONE!

There is NO car in "My Dashboard"...... I am so EXCITED!!!!! (WOOPS, I think I am going to bed.....)

@Benz. Great news - pls let me know if you have new info . By the way - Tesla should have such info on their official web pages

I found my car. they "test-drive" it. (relax, no VIN yet.)

It is now 3 years since i ordered the Model S. With delivery first Q 2013, the first 2 1/2 years waiting had Bern ok. But the last 6 months has been long. To not get it in July was hard. But my garage is ready. Trying to put the picture out.

We wait and wait and wait and .....

Patience is a virtue!


Waiting is good! Remember the moment, as a kid at Xmas when you'd opened the last present and pushed aside the wrappings? Nothing more to anticipate! What a letdown.

yea, but a lot of people got expected delivery date "june/july" and now it seems for another (at least 3rd) delay... but, well, I guess it's better to wait for finished product than got unfinished car with many bugs needed to be resolved in service center after delivery :-)

But Brian H, at that very moment I could start to play the the toys!
I want my toy!!!

Oh well, a slight relapse there...

Moving on and I'll keep waiting. Got no choice anyway :-P

Placed my order in June.. I gues i still got to wait until december.

Weird thing is after reading these forums and having my test drive in Bergen. I have already sarted to look upon the New Bmw's, mercedes, and audis driving around me and thinking "what a waste".
Stupid people still driving around in old and outdated cars.. then it dawns on me... I still do myselfe!!!


What is the highest sequence number that has changed status from "order confirmend..." to "Model S in production..."?

Can anyone answer Roger's question?

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