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I just wanted to introduce myself to the Massachusetts and surrounding area Tesla owners. My name is Jason Perrydore and I own SeaJay's Detailing in Billerica, MA.

I've Opti-Coated several local area Tesla's (and many other vehicles), some of which were referred to me by the Tesla service manager who has seen my work. I've copied the links to a few pictures from my business facebook page.

If your looking to have Opti-Coat installed or if you have any questions about Opti-Coat, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your time and I won't post too often as I do not want to spam the forum.

Put ***ADVERTISEMENT*** in your title (hover over the T logo to access Edit), and no one will flag you.

Thanks Brian for that tip!

I can vouch for Jason! He did an excellent job on my Model S (the blue one is mine). Plus, the opti-coat has a great product and made a real difference in the look of the car and durability of the paint.

"I'll make your car smooth and shiny," said Jason slickly.

Thanks for the kind words Eric! Much appreciated.

FWIW I used Seajays and Jason was first class. I'd highly recommend him.

Some notes on washing the car after the treatment are here:

(LMB spouse)

Jason Did LMB's Model S almost a year after delivery. It looks great and the dirt practically falls off the paint and wheels now. If I ever get one of my own it will certainly go to Sea-Jay's.

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