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"pick up your car at an event we're having at our Hawthorne Design Studio"

My "Product Specialist" sent me this email today.

Hey Jon,
I just wanted to reach out to let you know all the options for picking up your Model S! It looks like your car will be a member of a big bubble of cars that will be released this weekend. The best way to get your Model S before Thanksgiving would be to pick up your car at an event we're having at our Hawthorne Design Studio. We'll have your car available at the Supercharging station for a 10am delivery, and we will have light snacks and drink available (we've found that people tend to want to jump in their car and go).
Let me know at your earliest convenience!

I misinterpreted this to mean I could pick my car up this weekend. My reply:

Saturday or Sunday? For other deliveries, the delivery specialist has spent an hour or more going over all the features of the car. Would I miss out on that if I pick up the car in Hawthorne?

His reply:

We can arrange for a Saturday or a Sunday delivery to the address of your choosing. If you chose to pick it up in Hawthorne this Wednesday at 10, you would still get extensive training on the car! It's completely up to you how long the tour goes, we just want to ensure that you are totally comfortable with the car.

I will be out of town this Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving), so I'm asking them to schedule delivery to my house the following week.

+1 cerjor, my thought exactly.

A freakin' sh**load of Teslas!

This is a "Faraday" as any for these Tesla collective names.

Does Faraday come before or after Thursday? Maybe that the day when my car will be delivered :)

Regardles of the name of this collection of Tesla's, does anyone know how large todays group is? My other question is, will this be a monthly event? Hope someone who attended today can answer these questions. Thanks.

Over at TMC, the suggestion was made that people might want to volunteer to have "delivery parties," where several people would pick up their cars at the same time at a service center or store (rather than home delivery). The theory is that this might get the cars delivered sooner and be more efficient/cheaper for TM.

Why not weekly?

Soon, daily!

They are talking about doing this too for our Canadian Sigs.
In Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Probably in Mid December.

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