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Post-delivery SC activation: How do I know I have it?

Okay, so I just ordered (online, the same shop where you buy hats and mugs) Supercharger activation: $2000 plus $125 tax. I will be driving 400 miles round-trip this Thursday, and would like to know ahead of time that my Supercharger capability is indeed active. Is there anyway to determine this without driving to an actual supercharger? The closest one to my home is about 50 miles away. Is there an icon on a certain screen/sub-menu that shows that I now have that capability?


You can download a program for your PC or Mac called VisibleTesla (google it). After you log in, click on the Details button on your Overview tab. Scroll down to the Battery section and it will tell you if you are enabled for supercharging. Whether it actually works will require a visit to a supercharger.

Thanks, Amped, but...

Can't seem to get VisibleTesla to run. My version of OS-X is too old for the latest version of Java. Any other ideas?

I would call Tesla, and they can look it up in 2 minutes.

I have a S85, and visible Tesla says No next to supercharging, but Tesla confirms that the firmware is activated.

Thanks. Will do.

@GettingOldFast | OCTOBER 21, 2013: Can't seem to get VisibleTesla to run. My version of OS-X is too old for the latest version of Java. Any other ideas?

I maintain a double clickable bundled version of the current VisibleTesla at that runs on Mac OS X. I don't know if it will run on an older version of OS X, but it does have the Java runtime bundled into the program, so you don't need to install Java or anything else to run it.

@ jai9001 - Make sure you are looking at the screen after you press the Details button. There is a supercharging section in the Charge tab, but that's different.

Note that third party apps may or may not be trustworthy and/or have good security. Personally I'd avoid those and just call Tesla.

Driving 50 miles to test your car's supercharging sounds like a fine excuse to me, heh. Nothing like doing it for real. Trust-but-confirm kind of thing.

I agree with gill_sans: Before going for a real trip, it deserves the 100 mile round trip practice run.

With 110, you won't get many miles in the cold!

I love VisibleTesla. It appears to have lost a bit of real-time functionality due to the author limiting calls to the Tesla servers. Apparently they were getting buried by all of the calls. I notice that items like location work much better on the iPhone app.

That being said, Amped is correct - just go into the details tab and you'll see everything you ever wanted to about your car.

I've never done a SuperCharge either and am a little nervous about whether or not it works. I read one online review where somebody said they pulled up to a SC and it didn't work. They made a call to Tesla and within 10 minutes they were up and charging.

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