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the proper thumb drive to purchase

I was at the Tesla service center a couple of days ago and naturally peeked into a couple of the other MSs there and noticed one with a big old ugly thumb drive sticking out of the USB port - you know, a good 1.5 inches of sticking out.

So here, officially, is the proper thumb drive to purchase for installation into your Model S:

Go ahead, spend the extra $10 on the 32GB. :-)

Just picked up one of these a few days ago to start loading up the "Tesla Jams." Amazingly small.

So the thumb drive I have been using is this - Could not be happier. It syncs with my dropbox account over wifi. So all I need to do is add music to a dropbox folder from anywhere and it automagically shows up in my car. Also have subscribed to several podcasts that it pulls in when I am in my garage and within wifi range. Finally, I added a 32GB micro SD card as well into it so I have a lot more capacity. If you have wifi in your garage and are looking for a system which automatically syncs with your music collection - this is a great option.

Nice. I'm hoping that capability is added to the Model S when WiFi is enabled. Seems like it would be fairly easy to implement, especially since your example shows a $99 product doing it.

My digital music is all in apple lossless format... Will these songs play from a thumbdrive on the Tesla???

I went with the Sandisk Cruzer as well. You can't even tell it's there it's so small. My problem is I've got over 32GB of music so I need to trim down my library for the car! B-)

I'm not familiar with this feature Can I put my itunes in there using a thumb drive? Is there a site that shows how to do this?

I picked up the identical thumb drive as linked, except I got it at Best Buy. Once I loaded my music and plugged it in, it barely stick up above the plane of the USB panel, but enough to remove if needed.

I think it is the perfect physical size. Go for it.

32 gb was too small for me. Even in only variable bit rate MP3 my music library is over 50 GB. I got this one:

Looks neat and barely noticeable plugged in.


You may need to select, or change to, a compatible music format before you save to the thumb drive. I think itunes can rip to at least two of the formats listed in the Model S Audio Specifications, AAC or MP3.


Here is a site that discusses audio formats.

Here is a thread at TMC where they go into detail about testing the playability of different types of music formats:

Well if 32GB isn't enough there's always this:


I use 2 small 32GB micro USB drives from Staples. I have the upgraded sound system and initially did not like the sound quality. Discovered that the quality of music format makes a big difference. High quality MP3 (uses more drive space) or a lossless format (I redid everything as AAC) sounds a lot better. Still waiting for activation of the the built in digital storage that supposedly exists somewhere in the car.

Check out this thumb drive on TMC as an implementation:

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