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Range-extending Generator kit

There was a forum post that talked about putting a wind turbine in the frunk, to generate electricity while driving and extend range.
While that won't work due to physics, while we wait for the supercharge network to be built up would this be a possible solution?

A potentially removable small (gas-burning) generator kit that could fit nicely in either the frunk or the trunk that could boost range. It wouldn't have to be enough to actually drive off of, but it could add to the batteries while running.
Even something like 15 miles added per hour would add roughly 60 miles to your range if you drove non-stop for 210 miles at 70mph, which would be a significant amount.
It would be just enough to help overcome the city gaps that don't have superchargers.
It would also help with range anxiety. If you did run out of juice you wouldn't be stranded, just have to pull over for a bit.

The alternative is not making trips that exceed the range.
While obviously not a permanent addition to your car, would this be possible?

AeroVironment Did have a matching "range extender" gen set that could be towed behind the T-Zero. Not sure of the specifics or if any significant gains in range were achieved but you might check it out. Maked interesting reading. Just do an internet search for T-Zero.

Around airports there are many private parking lots and garages. I feel that an arrangement could be made with the owner to keep the Model S plugged to the 110V that most of them have and is used for the cleaning equipment, etc. I would not want to leave a 100,000 car to cook in the heat/weather in some plain airport lot.

For long distance travel, where there are no SC, there are multiple options like MacDonald restaurants, RV sites that can charge 240V/50 Amps. Most motels will cut a deal. Got to bring a long cable.

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