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Rear entertainment for kids?

Hi all. I'm eagerly expecting my P+ in 9 days and in the meantime the wife wanted me to ask what people are doing for rear-facing seat entertainment?

We have a 5 and 3 year old and they love the iPad. Is there space or headroom for them to use it? Can someone comment from direct experience?

Thanks in advance - I did do a search before posting this and I didn't find an answer.

Are you talking about the Jump Seats ? That's where we put our 4 year old boys. They share an iPad. They just hold it. If it's the 2nd row... you could potentially mount the iPad by the elbow rest area or give them each an iPad mini or iPod touch :-)

Yes the jump seats. That's exactly what I needed to know, thank you!!

In the rear facing seats, my three year old twins would be really entertained by a set of air conditioning vents. They cook back there!

@Dane, Elon tweeted earlier today that best to not recirculate AC & consider tinting rear window to keep kids in the jump seats cooler... Tesla will redesign the venting back there in future model years.

I've been considering the same topic, but so far have stuck with the kids themselves being an iPad mount.

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