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Record - Lowest wh/m over 5 miles?

Just got 211 wh/m over a 5 mile range (not downhill), regular Florida flat lands driving.

Whats your lowest 5 mile wh/m?

As impressive as that is... Rodolfo Paiz posted Dave Metcalf and his son drove there MS 428 miles on one charge. Works out to 200 Wh/mile.

I am sure that if I was in the mountains and started going downhill that I could get a negative wh/m number in five miles.

Perhaps we could add the requirement the starting and ending point are the same place. This would eliminate any terrain and wind aiding the result.

Tesla claims the max range of the MS, under ideal conditions, is a little over 450 miles. (about 190 Wh/mile). So 211 is still impressive. If Beny had kept 211 Wh/miles up for a full charge he would have gone 402 miles.

Cool, im also driving the P85+

13.2 miles -- 2.6kWh -- 199 Wh/mi
26.4 miles -- 5.5kWh -- 209 Wh/mi,-122.87927...

Nice, i just got 200 over 5miles :-)

My daily commute over Hwy 17 CA has a 5 mile down section where I typically regenerate about 1kWhr, so I guess that puts my Wh/mi at about -200.

just got to 250 today :)
how do you guys hit 200! haha

Cruise control then a slow rolling regen stop on the exit ramp :-)

Just did 186 P85+

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