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Remote garage opener

Does the Tesla S have a built in remote for garage door openening? If yes is it compatible worldwide?

It has homelink as a part of the tech package.

Yes it does, but it's not working correctly on my car. The "delivery specialist" tried repeatedly to set it up, and it accepts the code but the garage car stops partway. This doesn't happen with the regular remote or with my Leaf. Replaced the battery on the remote and tried again - no joy.

Another indication something is bolixed up is that it sends out stuff when you try to reprogram it - the door starts to move *before* pressing the button on the actual remote to try and reprogram the car.

Not a big deal since I can always just use the regular remote. Tesla is supposed to be looking into it.

Psychotic Homelink! Call the techiatrist.

Ned - WOW! Sounds like the dang thing is sending another "unsolicited" open/close command before the door reaches the end of it's travel causing it to stop. With all the Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta... Zulu testing Model S went through, you'd think this sort of thing would have cropped up and been fixed before release to the wild. It's not like Homelink hasn't been around a while or is some kind of breakthrough technology.

I configured without the Tech package. There have been functionality issues with some of the other features and at this point, I'm just as happy I took a pass.

It's still early. They'll get it ironed out, have faith.

I've decided to take the Tech package after a lot of thought and input. Xenon headlights, LED foglights will look awesome... and what's another $3750 for a $75k car?

Yeah running the fob lights looks stunning. Hoping for voice control home link.

@Michael23 - the key fob has lights? Wow, that must have come from the most recent sw update :)

(sorry BrianH - somebody had to beat you to this one!!!!)

Lol ipad strikes again

How many garage doors does the HomeLink support? Normally most support 3. I've taken apart a large share of HomeLink transmitters and some of them use an EEPROM for the code storage and can thus support more than the standard 3. I'd like to have support for more than 3 because, in addition to my house, I also have a vacation home with gate access and a garage door.

It supports three. I did not have the wackiness described above, I just could not get it to accept the signal from my remote, after many tries. I finally got down and held the remote right against the front of the car and it got the signal and is now working well for me.

Does your homelink signal have decant range? I have a 2003 Passat with homelink. It works but the range is terrible. I have to be in just the right place and close to the receiver for it to open. The little fob remote will work from half a block away.

Homelink is part of the tech package? Not standard?


That is correct. Home link is not standard equipment.

so far, from the street like 30 ft or so. I'll do a real range test for you.

Regarding the difficulty of getting it to learn: I should have mentioned that. The specialist held it right in front of the grill. When I tried it later I found it doesn't work from any other position.

Depending upon the opener, Homelink can be problematical to program. It's a common complaint. Usually you have to combine both the car's and the opener's instructions to get it to work.

Tesla's implementation seems to be a bit different than just installing a mirror with Homelink already installed, so I don't doubt it will have a few teething problems.

Oh good (and bad?). My home link doesn't work either. I thought it was just me. I guess I feel a little better now that I know it is a common problem. Hopefully a sw fix is in the works.

Same problem for garage and gate. Opens or closed last way and then reverses.

Mine works fine, though I also had a bit of a time getting it to accept the code. It's very easy to access, with a homelink menu at the top of the screen regardless of what you have up. Still two taps instead of one though. I suspect most people only use one code - to open the garage. It would be nice if you could set it to send your default code on the initial tap rather than bringing up a menu with one choice.

@MandL | OCTOBER 8, 2012: It would be nice if you could set it to send your default code on the initial tap rather than bringing up a menu with one choice.

Or it could send the code when only 1 garage door has been programmed and bring the menu up if multiple ones have been programmed.

I am extremely impressed with Tesla's Homelink implementation, and it is an example of how something can be done better when there is a touchscreen. First, I programmed my home opener--a very old Sears. Worked fine when I did as the screen suggested and pulled relatively close to the door. (It did not work when I was far and there was another car in between me and the door.) Next I programmed my dad's. The process was different--the Tesla determined that he had a newer opener, showed a picture of the opener, and told me to go press a button on the back of it called 'learn'. I had no idea the opener even had such a button, but sure enough, it was there, and I pressed it. I then followed the rest of the process and the opener completed the programming process and it worked fine.

I was trying to think of what I would have done on my old car to attempt this process. Just pressing a button and having it fail would have probably sent me to the Internet looking for documentation for the opener and/or the car to try and debug the situation. In the Tesla case, it told me what I needed to do in situ. Very impressed.

It would be nice if you could set it to send your default code on the initial tap rather than bringing up a menu with one choice. (MandL)

Or it could send the code when only 1 garage door has been programmed and bring the menu up if multiple ones have been programmed. (Alex K)

Even better: Based on GPS, it should decide which code is the one that is needed, and then send that on a single tap.

Even more better: Based on GPS, automatically send the code when I pull into my driveway...

Of course, it should be configurable such that the current behavior can also be achieved (or is the default). I bet, quite a few people prefer the manual way of doing this, at least in the beginning and particularly when they have different codes for the gate and the garage door.

I have my wife's Homelink programmed for each of the 3 doors on the garage. The gps will have to be pretty accurate to know which door I'm in front of.

@vb - I like all your suggestions, especially the "even more better" one :)

ps. BrianH - vb was using a "technical term" when saying that....

Much better than more gooder.

How about "even betterer"?

Sounds morether worser, even.

I was having the problem where my garage door would stop half way. So far the work around I have found is to keep the car stationary. Pull into the driveway and stop. Then press the home link entry in the menu. Wait for the garage door to open completely then move in. Same with closing. Back into the driveway press the button and wait. Not the best work around but better than having to keep the remote in the glove box.

Christian H;
A-ha! A vital clue as to the reason for the problem.

Yeah, this is clearly a doppler shift problem with the Homelink transmitter. That's what happens when you have a car as fast as the S.

That was a joke, FYI, for those pulling out their physics textbooks.

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