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Renting Model S in NYC

Hey guys,

So after a lot of research, I've realized that there is no way to rent a Model S in NYC or anywhere near there.. So I wanted to know if you think people would find a use for having a Model S renting service and if you would allow people (If you live in NYC) to use your car for various days when either your away, or your just looking to make some cash. It would be $500 a day for renting the car. If you would be interested in either renting out your car or renting a ca in this area, please let me know!


One caution: make sure your auto insurance permits this. They could call this a commercial use of the vehicle and void your personal policy. Just my supposition, I'm neither insurance agent nor lawyer.

Let a stranger drive my Model S for $500/day?... when pigs fly... they will try to justify $500 worth of abuse!

Check out . They set up this sort of thing for all types of cars.

A new definition for Pimping My Ride.

I'm not pimping my red mistress for any $500 joyrides.

If it were @skymaster then it's another story. He has two to rent out...

I've actually been looking around to rent one as well - it amazes me the West Coast has a variety of Teslas to rent on Getaround, from Hertz, etc. but on the East Coast there's nothing. Wish a rental company would catch on ...

You think normal rental cars are abused.....
Everyone will be looking to copy the test drives they see on youtube and be constantly punching the accelerator.

Not everyone looking to rent a Model S has a NEMA 14-50 outlet empty within 14 feet of where they park.

I guess you could get 4 or 5 HPWC at the rental office and only rent one day rentals so they could be turned in nightly to be charged. Even the Tesla Service Centers only have 1 HPWC and a 14-50 outlet on each lift, that's 3 in Dallas.

Did you end up buying one? I have an immediate need for one in NYC next week. We own 8 here on West Coat, but I need one in NYC. Anyone have one for rent? It woiuld be a static display, good money

Sorry, what is a "static display?"


I know that The Mark Hotel has a courtesy driver that uses a Tesla Model S, and the service is provided by a limousine service in Midtown.

I don't remember the name of the company, but if you call The Mark on 25 E 77th St and Madison at (212) 744-4300, they should be able to tell you.

Good luck!

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