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Rust colored fluid from front of car- drivers side bumper

Anyone been noticing dried fluid,rust in color, from this area on your Model S. Seen just below light fixture on driver side of bumper. Have been noticing it for the past 2 months. Initially thought it was road debris but have washed my car several times and it keeps reappearing.

Don't own a Model S but that might be a coolant drip.

I've noticed drips and small pools at times, but they are right behind the front wheel well and right in front of the rear wheel well and seem to be coming out of some tracks in the frame right on the bottom outside edge. I guessed it to be condensation from the AC; tasted it - H20. Called service just in case and they thought it was also condensation.

Definitely not rust colored, so probably not your issue. I've not noticed anything like that.

Should take it in. New coolant will not be rust colored, I should think. Dang sure not motor oil. At least not yours. Perhaps loose wheel liner, and water is getting thrown up over the top of the liner, and dripping forward? Leak in the headlight or front gasketing? I'd take it in.

I get some smudging under the doors on the rockers, where it looks like water is exiting. Othere than that, nothing.

Thanks- will call service today. Car is running fine otherwise. Mashing the accelerator never gets old!

Also check in TMC I have seen this mentioned before...

check on TMC...

break liquid?

I've not seen it on my MS and I can't think of any fluids that would be rust colored in the MS.

Do you often go through some water - maybe splashed up onto the brake rotor and mixed with the rust of the rotor? Worth having it looked at.


Thanks for referring me to that post. My issue is identical to what is seen on the posted pictures. My car is the same color as well- just a coincidence I am certain.
Spoke to service yesterday. My local service person was unaware of any issues with MS but said that A/C and coolant hoses reside under the left front bumper area. I am to bring the car in this coming week to have it checked out.

With samples. Use paper towels and ziplock bags if you have to.

Have same issue. Rust colored pools under front right light on bumper/spoiler as well as at bottom lip below Tesla logo. Not tree or dust. Reappears every time I wipe it off within day.

Folks, has anyone received a solution to this problem or do you continue to wipe your car's noses?

cars' noses

I also saw that too in front next to the fog light grill of my car after I washed my car. Don't know what it was I just wiped it away. I'm curious to know if they know what that was.

Doesn't anyone have an HPLC?!

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