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Sechelt Tesla Drag racing on youtube

I spotted this 2010 Tesla Roadster in Sechelt B.C. Canada...near Vancouver ...I was in this town one day as I have some property there and I parked next to this Tesla. I was shocked to see it at first..knowing how few of them were made. My late husbands father who is an 83 year old Scottish farmer that spends most of his time in a barn or on a tractor had told me all he wanted for Father's Day was a ride in a TESLA!!! I was surprised he knew what one was...he said he had seen it on the news. So when I saw this Tesla parked next to me I knew I had to do something to get a ride for my Father in law. I noticed on the one side it said SECHELT and on the other when I got home I looked up Sechelt Tesla on google and there it was that the Mayor of Sechelt owns this I sent a polite email to him explaining my wish ....and he invited us for a ride!!! What a great day it was... my father in law still talks about it...very impressive car to be smooth...the Mayor still Drag races every year at the airstrip in town....look it up on youtube SecheltTesla..I am looking forward to Tesla coming to Vancouver June 2013

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