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Tacoma to Portland Charging Strategy

Looks like a 3 hour charge at the PORTLAND SC to make this possible.
Perhaps a brief boost at Burgerville Cenrtalia.

Anyone doig this run?

We are--if you have the 85 kwh battery, you can make Tacoma to Portland, but if you are turning around to return the same day, you'll need a good charge from a high amp location in Portland. Most of the commercial J1772 stations take around 10-12 hours to recharge (around 20-24 miles of charge per hour). A group of us have ordered an adapter for the Burgerville, but you can't charge natively there until we get one. There is a Wendy's across the street with a J1772 and ChaDeMo (but we can't use the chademo).


Did you get that adapter ordered? I was under the impression that S owners could not order one.

The adapters are on back order, and I was told earlier that they would sell only to Roadster owners. However we are hopeful that they will sell one for this purpose.

Of course you need twin chargers to take advantage of the high amp service.

Captain Zap ordered one--and James at the Seattle service center is aware that we are group sharing and seemed to think they could get us one.

I'd like to contribute to the cost of the connector and be able to have access to it on road trips to Portland. Whom should I contact?

@blurry_eyed, I think the relevant thread is here:

However, it's not all that clear from the thread who is in the group, or that Capatin_Zap is managing the project on behalf of the group.

@Captain_Zap, if you are reading this, and are willing to manage it, perhaps you could start a new thread in this forum where you ask for commitments, email addresses, etc. (I am now definitely on board, as my twin charger should get installed tomorrow). I will be happy to mention it in the Northwest Tesla Owners Club (google groups), where there will probably be some additional interest. The more the merrier. Obviously, Roadster owners who already have an adapter will probably not be interested.


I'd love to join the Northwest Tesla Owner's Club--how?

Also, I also thought Captain Zap was ordering and organizing the adaptor. Should be cheap--there are a lot of us interested!

On another note--anyone exhibiting at local car shows?



Go to and search under "Northwest Tesla Owners Club." It's open to Roadster and Model S owners and reservation holders, but you have to apply. It may take a few days.

I haven't seen Captain_Zap around here for a few days. I'd like confirmation that the adapter he ordered is to be shared.

I'm not exhibiting at a local car show, but in a few minutes (11:30-1:00 today) I will be taking my car to the Starbucks corporate offices in SoDo to help sell tickets to the Garfield High School Model S raffle.

Can't seem to find where to apply for the Owners Club.
Google Groups require a log on to access the group so I assume there is another portal set up to apply. Anyone know where?

I would also chip in for an adapter.
The Service Center in Portland will let me recharge in about 3 hours for the return trip to Gig Harbor. That will work but having an intermediate opportunty at Burgerville would be of great interest.


Hmm. Maybe you need a Google account to participate in Google Groups?I can't tell, because I already have one, but you should be able to sign up at I will ask the group administrator.

I got a response from Tom, who manages the Northwest Tesla Owners Club on Google Groups:

Hi Doug,

New people can sign up at this page:

If they don't have a Google account, they can get one by clicking on the
"sign in to view this group" link, then click on the "Sign Up" button.

Alternatively, if you have their email address and let me know, I can send
them an invitation to join the group.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Please send the link to sign up.
The link above does not appear to work.
Thanks, Bob

Sorry that I have been absent from the forums. The roadster charger adapter is still on backorder. I did get word that my parcel shelf has arrived though!

Do you still think that I should start a new topic for Burgerville adapter? I know that Chad S said that there was talk about modifying the station there. I can check with him and find out whether that has gotten anywhere.

I think that we need to start applying pressure for news on the NW Superchargers. It seems that areas that have lower rates of ownership may be getting more attention. At the same time, these appear to be more remote cities that may have no other options at all. Or are we being subject to prejudice because we are solar challenged?

Capt ZapHere is my post on the related topic:

Thanks Capt Zap
Count me in to share costs for the adapter. Picking up my S tomorrow and will be doing Portland run frequently. The real answer though is for TMC to put supercharges along I-5 from at least Portland to BC. I think there is now a big enough critical mass to warrant it ASAP

So I definitely agree re applying pressure ASAP> All NW owners should start emailing and calling.

Capt Zap, Any idea how many Model S have been delivered in the Puget Sound region? I'm thinking there are sufficient numbers to leverage the installation of superchargers to link up to the Califorina array. TMC could then say they have coverage from Canada to Mexico on the west coast which would be impressive capability and a powerful sales incentive.

I saw only one S in San Francisco this week and I spent a lot of time on the street. I see five times more around our neighborhoods.

Picked mine up in Bellevue today-they said they received 70 in the last 10 days. Time for everyone to ramp up for a big time lobbying effort for Superchargers at least from Portland to BC!

I was at the Seattle Service Center a couple weeks ago and they had two semi loads arriving that day. It sounded like there were Teslas stashed elsewhere for delivery staging as well. I think the numbers are getting pretty big because we are seeing cars on the road every day.

We definitely need the Superchargers on the I-5 corriodor soon.
Centralia/Chehalis and Burlington/Mt. Vernon is a good start.


Just a thought:
If an adapter gets purchased for use at the Centralia Burgerville; you could attach it to the station for anyone to use, and put your paypal email address on it to collect donations.

It might pay for itself rather quickly.

Here is a cross post from the Tesla Motors Club forum - I took a road trip from Seattle to Portland and back this weekend with the family. I'll keep posting more information and data about the trip at the TMC forum for those who are interested in learning more about how the Model S handled the road trip. Summary - it handled the trip with no problems at all. I made the trip back from Portland to Seattle (Redmond actually) on one max charge with 20 miles of rated range to spare. On my trip back I basically parked myself in the left (fast) lane to see if I could make it on one charge driving at the upper end of freeway traffic speed(I have the 85kWh pack and performance Model S with 21" wheels). I'll say this, very few cars passed me on the way home and I was still able to make it on one charge...

My order is in on a Performance S and I am anxiously awaiting the VIN. In the meantime, I peruse the forums and they offer both encouragement and anxieties. My biggest concern is charging and that has motivated this initial post - my first to any Tesla forum.

As long as I am in the Puget Sound, it is no problem because I am always within range. My house has a 9.3 Kwh array and just the other day the inspector saw my 14-50 outlet and gave the OK. It won't be costing me anything (except for the up front installation costs of the PV system) to charge and with the up front costs for the S, I hardly care to pay to charge anywhere.

My question is whether users have in fact driven from Seattle to the Bay Area and encountered free charging the entire way? Tesla reps continue to say there are Tesla charging stations everywhere, although the superchargers are yet to be installed beyond the limited few that are shown on the Tesla map. From what I read on the forums, it is not always clear if the charging spots are free. Some have quoted high rates - as much as $3 an hour. I have looked at various sources and am not convinced that the free stations are as plentiful or convenient as Tesla suggests. Your personal experiences would be helpful.

If sufficient free of charge chargers are not so available, but enough owners are interested, I wonder how the Tesla drivers would feel about setting up their own network of chargers. Essentially, people who own either a roadster or an S could sign up as a network participant and offer their home charging outlets to any Tesla in transit that was nearby and needed a charge.

This could ultimately be opened up to the entire EV network of cars, but I am suggesting it start here at Tesla. I would even consider the construction of a carport with a charging station so that any owner could access it without having to enter my garage. The limitation would be that the charging stations offered by everyone would all have the 14-50 outlets and the higher output outlets would be optional since not all the cars are set up with dual chargers.

One problem with this idea is how some would be serving up a lot more juice than others. Those who have systems in an out of the way area that serves many who need a charge, would obviously have too many in line, awaiting a charge, and a disproportional cost due to demand.

This is just an idea to toss around. Perhaps others have already considered and dismissed it and I failed to catch the discussion on any of the forums. I haven't been here that long. And yes, I realize that electric vehicles are not intended as long distance transports, but if that were really true, Tesla would not be promising the supercharger network. I just prefer not to wait.

@RobertAl - I just completed a trip from Seattle to the Bay Area and back using only free, 70 amp power sources. See my post in the main forum here. Note, however, that I have twin chargers and I borrowed a Roadster-to-S adapter. As others have said, the only real solution is the supercharger network: the sooner the better.

@bbryant - I'm not sure why the link doesn't work. If you send me your email address, I'll pass it on to Tom Saxton, and he can sign you up. I believe this forum is private, or if you prefer, send me a pm over at TMC to the same username I have here.

@Captain_Zap - I don't know that a new thread is necessary. It just wasn't clear to me that you were ordering the adapter for the group and whether you were collecting names.

In the thread "Roadster/Model S Charging Adapter for Centralia" someone posted today that the planned Supercharger between Tacoma and Portland is to be in Centralia. If true, you could probably make it from Tacoma->Portland->Centralia on one charge if driving conservativly, then top off at the Supercharger to make it home. I ran that scenario on the Green Race site using the 85kWh MS and it shows about 15% left if driving 60MPH with two occupants.

@blurry_eyed - I basically duplicated your experience going roundtrip between Portland and Kirkland. First leg I was 60/70 mph (speed limit) at 335 Wh/mi, then returning was 65/75 at 382 Wh/mi.

Roundtrip was 369 miles averaged 347 Wh/mi.

Never had any range anxiety. In fact I never even looked at the Energy app which is a first for me. I've come to use the trip page to view average energy and always ensure that the "Rated Range" is at least 20 more than the miles remaining to go per navigation.

Super fun trip. Model-S is a great traveling car.

@pilotSteve, glad you had a great trip! The Model S is a wonderful road trip car. It will be even better once we get the Supercharging network all up and down the I-5 corridor. I can't wait to take a family roadtrip to the Bay area, or even to LA with the car and the Supercharging network!

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