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tesla cars with a no leather option for vegeterian/vegan

I don't know if that subject ever came up the in forum, I didn't saw it but sorry if it did.

I'm a vegeterian and as such, I would like to have the option to buy a Tesla with no leather, it's not possible at the moment, I think prospective Tesla buyer are often environmentally councious people and that group overlaps with the vegeterian/vegan crowd, I think it would be a good idea for Tesla to offer a "no leather" option on it's vehicules.

I would be thrilled to have the opinion of a Tesla representative on the subject.

that was my grain of salt, thanks for reading,
Jean-Pierre Guay
Québec, Canada

use to search for 'leather' etc.

I saw a thread on about a vegan car being made. Here's the link:

Yes...Leilani Munter (race car driver and vegan) persuaded TM to make leather free Model S. The base model currently has fabric seats/headliner and synthetic leather on the steering wheel, door panels and dash. If you do not upgrade or option leather, you won't get it. As noted above, search this site and at Tesla Motors Club for lots of info.

This is an option on all cars. Just ask for it. Or better yet, chose the Textile interior and no leather will be included.


You will be happy to know that a few years ago I purchase some old stock original formulal GM positraction differential oil that contained.....genuine whale oil! Evidently it had properties that nothing else could match in that application.

JP, were vegan and can't imagine why so many electrics like the LEAF, FOCUS EV and others put a leather steering wheel in even with their so called ECO cloth interior. I keep pushing them all to have a 100% non leather option! We have to keep asking and asking.

Also some grocery stores give you fuel points, like Kroger/ Frys.I keep asking them for my Electric Fuel points but they don't give them yet. A few stores do have EVSE charge units so we are getting closer. I won't give up and want everyone to join us asking where are our electric fuel points.

Along the same lines some power companies don't give Net-Metering. Many will sell you their version of Renewable Energy at a 50% or higher cost but don't give that rate in Net-Metering. We need a National rule from FERC to make it the same every place.

"Vegan car", inspires an image of cauliflower on wheels cut from giant carrots.

Hippie love van. Flower power. And some other herbs too.

It is very difficult these days to observe veganism other than as a dietary vegan. I find it admirable that people even try.

This video might shed some light on how difficult it is to completely stay away from animal products:

(and that video is only focused on one animal)

Thx everybody for the info!

and happy to know the vegan option exists...

godspeed everybody!



The steering wheel is synthetic leather. If you order the textile interior, there should be no leather in the car.

raw vegan here.

We most definitely need leather-FREE interiors. and LIGHT interior choices too. cloth. something
you are right, tesla should be on this.. and the customer base does overlap

not to mention leather smells awful. and you are smelling dead animal.
also.. there is so much animal cruelty involved in the process of leather, just look it up.
it smells, its terrible, its cruel... and with electric we need to adopt a cruelty-free mindset

You are mixing fur production to leather production. Two different things. Furs are like ivory, both are basically criminal but difference is that one is allowed by government and other is not.

Leather is mostly just product of food product animal (usually cow) that would have been killed anyway. Not using that would be waste, and I hate waste.

If you eliminate meat and leather, 90%++ of the sheep, cattle, and pigs in the world become landfill. Nice.

vegetarian and vegan are different groups. Most vegetarians I know eat quite a bit of diary and egg in there diets, how does this correlate with no leather on interior of car? Vegans are a different story, I don't know very many true vegans (3), so feel that Tesla offering anything to such a small group is not productive use of their time, especially as Supercharger network roles out, new models etc.

I personally know over 100 vegetarians and vegans that wont buy leather, and some are wealthy enough to increase the customer base for Tesla if you give them a chance.
It would be great for Tesla to have multiple colors in cloth to choose from (I hate black). It is one of three things holding me back from buying one. The others are I want 4 wheel drive and I am riding the stock (not ready to get off that train just yet)!

How about moose/elk leather for vegans? Reason I ask is that their population had to be controlled by hunting because amount of their natural enemies (wolves and bears) are too low to regulate the population base, and you don't want too many of those wandering around sniffing your kids for dinner. It would be cooler too than ordinary cow leather. You even have bullet hole in it ;-P. Would vegan understand this and not feel that (s)he can't use it?

I personally hate the fact that we need to kill animals to get meat, especially cows and pigs because I happen to know that those are quite smart animals, but I'm also too carnivorous not to enjoy good stake. I hope that this artificial meat production advances to the point that we don't need to grow animals to get meat products.

Vat meat, why not vat leather? ;P

AFAIK, there are no documented cases (in NA) of wolves attacking humans. Livestock, yes.

Skin is an organ, meat is just muscle. It's easier to make muscle than leather. But you are right, it should be possible.

Livestock and pets can be killed by wolves. Wolves treat humans as dangerous, but that can change if there are enough of them wandering around. It's not any different than big cats in Africa, predator is predator, and once it changes it's attitude against human as food source it can happen. I prefer that not be the case ever. You don't need to hunt them to extinction, but no need to cuddle them either.

I see couple of reasons why wolves treat humans as dangerous:

1) They don't smell afraid even when wolf itself already knows that, by it's standards, human should be aware of it. That means human doesn't treat wolf as a threat, and that could only mean that it's more dangerous than wolf is.

2) They are clearly out of place, as oddity they are not standard food animal, and can pose a danger. Curious individuals might follow from distance, but only because they are curious, not because it thinks human as potential food source (BTW. that applies to bears as well).

3) There is no safe angle to attack. No rear end that it can't reach with those long forelimbs, and adult human is at least as large as wolf itself, so it's better to leave it alone.

It may be genetic: many, many more wolves have been killed by humans than the reverse, which would select for human-skittish wolves!

Surprisingly, wolves increase fish in freshwater; they make browsers too skittish to crop vegetation right to the edge of streams, which increases shade and debris which fish depend on. Etc.

Also wolf is smart animal. It's basically a unrestricted dog, and smartest dogs are at least as smart as stupid child. In wild smart thing to do is to avoid things that you don't know.

I am glad that Tesla provide the option to be leather free. Sadened by some of the idiotic comments here. Considering that most people who follow Tesla are net savvy, so you would think that they would not fall for such idiotic falacies like what will happen to all the animals if we all go vegan. First it is a step by step process, not everyone in the world would become vegan over night and frankly some people would never become vegan, second most vegans care about the lives of others so they would make sure that animals that are saved from slaughter find homes at rescue shelters.

Vegans buying moose leather? Facepalm, do you even know what a vegan is? Vegans don't want any suffering (or as little as possible for their food or products) Again I am shocked at such ignorance from people who have access to Google.

Veganism today is similar to abolitionism of the 1800s.

@markkiernan Vegans buying moose leather? Facepalm, do you even know what a vegan is?

Yes, but I don't really understand it. As such I ask if they allow results of necessary evil to be used or are they stubbornly refusing to use such thing.

Necessary evil? Why?

Acutally you have shown that you don't understand it considering the comments you have posted.

That's what I said. I can't put myself in mindset of vegan.

Moose population needs to be regulated. That's done by hunting.

Why are moose populations too high? Whose fault is it? The moose or humans, and why is hunting the only way to resolve the problem? If there are too many people in China should we hunt them too, perhaps make seat covers out of them while we are at it?

Ultimately the humans of course. There are two alternatives: either reduce number of humans or reduce number of moose. I'd prefer reducing number of moose. You could of course sterilize part of the population, but hunting is just easier and also easier to control. Or just plain wipe them completely off the earth, but I'd rather not do that.

Like it or not, we have taken the place of the big predators in many places of the world, if we don't do our job in that prey animal populations first explode then crash. Might not bounce back from crash at all, and while exploding ecosystems suffer. Maintaining balance.

I agree we have f&cked up the system and we have an obligation to correct the system but hunting is cruel and unncessary, sterilization is a better solution, as it reduces overall numbers (slower but more effective). I think we have gone off topic way too much so I think the question of the OP has been answered.

First I must commend Tesla now that they have just recently allowed those that want the top of the line P85 to have non leather interior. Now just one more step for Tesla to do, is to provide options other than black, like a couple of decent colors (grey and tan for instance) in fabric seats and I will be a happy camper.

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