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Tesla fans... some are close to fanatic cult status

I like the attention, don't get me wrong. But I'm shocked at the diversity of the Tesla fan base. I've had young women, great-grandmothers and everyone in between give me a thumbs up or stop me to ask a few questions...

The latest was a teenage boy, probably years from his drivers license, who stopped me to ask me what I thought of ownership so far. He is an early shareholder too and plans to purchase a new Gen III with his profits. I like the kid already...

I don't really consider myself a cultist, but I wish they'd start selling embroidered "Tesla" robes and ceremonial gowns in the gear store - in all sizes so I can get some for my kids, too!

People jump to conclusions. There are lots of perfectly good reasons why I might have an Elon tattoo on my shoulder.

You guys crack me up!


There are 3 types of Tesla People;
Those who want one
Those who are waiting for one
Those who are driving one


Type 4 - Those who are driving two

I might or might not have a large "T" logo tattooed on my bum.

If it's a cult, I might already be one of the clergy. We believe in the proton the neutron, and the holy electron.

+1 for the Tesla "T" tramp stamp
We could get a group discount
Who's in?

I just couldn't do that to the Tesla Logo without getting extensive surgical enchancements prior (you would not want the visual--trust me)


Try us!

I kind of like "enchancements." A little magic; a little risk; a lot of improvement. wrote:
"I might or might not have a large "T" logo tattooed on my bum. "

Tramp stamp?

I am suppose to be looking up various color and style options for my wife while she is trying on bathing suits she orderd. When she wasn't looking I would catch up on the forum. I broke out laughing with this thread - busted!

I realized today that I have gone totally mad. I now slow down at green lights hoping they turn yellow...

My 7 year old daughter is now asking for a Tesla "mini car"!

skymaster Tesla should totaly get on that make one of those electric kids cars like that Barbie SUV thing (I have a daughter she bugs me for that constantly).


In my 3 1/2 years of waiting for my car, TM sent me a bunch of goodies (hat, mug, thermos, etc.), but the best was a really cool radio-controlled Roadster. Had to fight with my grandsons over it. I'm sure a Model S is not far behind.

Been waiting for a Matchbox or Hot Wheels Model S

Tesla owners are at the very least passionate, some may be fanatics, but there is good reason for the devotion. Once you drive a Tesla you realize how much better it is than a car. You become spoiled and would rather walk than drive an ICE again. Every drive is a thrill. It shouldn't even be called a car. It's so much more. It's mind blowing and profoundly changes a person in ways that have to be experienced to be believed. It's not blind faith, the devotion is deserved.

The car comes with two Hot Wheels included.

I could not get a Tesla tramp stamp. It would look too much like a big arrow, pointing down.

@KevinR: "Enchancements" is a great word - sounds like something that's taught at Hogwarts - risky spells.

@S-Car-Go: By adding a "zeroth type" to your classification, you could include not just Tesla People but everyone:

Those who want one, but just don't know it yet.
Those who want one
Those who are waiting for one
Those who are driving one (or two or many)

It reminds me of the early Mac vs. PC wars. Now and then a product comes along that just rewrites the rules because it is such a quantum leap forward. The Model S engenders such adoration because it is so superior in everyway to anything else on the road. Road and Track got it right when they said it is the most important car of our lifetime.

I I ever knew there were such "zeroth type", Doesn't everyone want a Tesla?
We could have a breakdown of those who want one.
How about;

Those who want one but haven't admitted it yet.

Exactly how does one go about driving 2? It's physically impossible. LOL
I think there's a saying that goes "No matter how fast you're going someone will eventually pass you".

@ S-Car-Go: I'm originally a physicist. When we invented the laws of thermodynamics we forgot one. So we added the zeroth law as a way of avoid having own up o the cock-up. Has always seemed like a fair principle to me...

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