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The Tesla Model S Is The World's Most Expensive Beta Test

If this was already posted, apologies. I tried to search Volkerize but as we know private topics cannot be searched.

I find so much wrong here -- I've been an early adopter for the last decade. It's something many of us are willing to accept and deal with.

Be it a smartphone, or a car, I've had plenty of issues. Tesla is about to change the world, haters can hate -- it won't change a thing.

What do you mean 'aspiring space explorer Elon Musk' ? He and his team have sent a spacecraft to the international space station. What have you done, you worthless piece of....

One would think the Fisker Karma is the most expensive beta test ever, since it is... more expensive...

Simple, don't want to be a beta tester, don't buy one *now*, but it a year from now.
There's plenty of beta testers in a long line.

Perfectly happy being a "Beta Tester". Hell. They can have my S when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Ain't nothing that bad on my Lithie that requires a recall.

Jalopnik doesnt like Tesla. In other news, dog breath smells bad, and it rains a lot in Seattle. ***yawn***

A little blogger who has achieved squat. Musk is dreaming and creating, delivered the first-cheapest and non government sponsored payload to a space station. Jalopdick has achieved complaining. Maybe in his past life he was Einstein's teacher who said he would never amount to much...

They say there are only 250 Model S on the road. No need to pay any more attention to the article, they clearly lack credibility (and journalistic skills... is is really that hard to get an accurate number when you interview the CEO?)

What Jalopnik talked sounds like a story about a horseman with his four wood wheeled wagon ridicules four wheeled machine called automobile: without a horse, this piece of "thing" cannot run far. Time will reward Jalopnik and his fellow of Tesla haters the horsemen title in Tesla time.

Elon and his team are changing history, making a better future for all, any joe blow can post a blog and say whatever, but they have not done any good for humanity. It's the price we pay for free speech.

You should expect problems with any 1st model year of any car. So I'm not surprised MS owners are collectively having problems. Even with all its problems the MS is the best overall car I have ever driven. When Tesla gets all the kinks work out, it will be even better.

All....take solace in the fact that there are thousands of Investors betting against Tesla...and in a HUGE way. Don't think for a second that wall street isn't influencing some of the negative press. This company has made millions for some....but also lost millions for those who have, and continue to, bet against it. I own a Mercedes a BMW and a Tesla. The best car in my garage, hands down, far and away, without a doubt, is my Tesla MS.


Indeed. No one is suggesting that the Model S isn't a brand new car, from a brand new company, with a brand new design. What we are saying is that there are probably many more BMW owners (for example) who *DO* have issues but don't have an aggregator like a popular Tesla forum complete with a single thread for this express purpose.

I don't think there are very many Tesla owners who aren't already aware of the company's startup status. Nobody buying a Model S should expect flawless execution. We should expect exactly what we're getting; a great car with excellent service when things inevitably go wrong. In fact my wife and I bought the car because we are trying to be more green and we are extremely early adopters. "Journalists" with personal agendas are therefore of little concern to us.

Unfortunately I'm sure Elon is mainly concerned with the impression these same writers are leaving on customers with less regard for new technology and more concern with reliability. These are the customers who would normally buy a BMW, Merc, Acura (?) or Lexus but to whom Tesla is an interesting way for them to differentiate themselves from the other families on the block. Writing disingenuous, ill-informed and out of context articles may sway "fencers" or casually interested parties towards a traditional car when they would indeed be well serviced by a Model S, given the chance.

That, in my humble opinion, is the danger with Jalopnik, NYT and other publications running negative articles about Tesla.

Jalopnik is a sensationalist who just wants to write something contrarian that would get readership. Not surprised....

Actually, it's kinda inevitable. As the 'speed of change' itself accelerates, there is no longer time to do multi-year beta testing. TM did its best from 2008 on, but Murphy's Law of engineering design sez "It's impossible to make things foolproof, because fools are so ingenious." ;)

As for space exploration, Elon specifically intends to help/goad humans to become multi-planetary.

Bottom line: I own a Model S, have driven it over 4,000 miles and love it! It's a great car by any and all measures. Patrick George (the author of the article) is looking to 'create a story' where there is none. Who you are going to believe? The guy who drives the car everyday or the guy who makes a living selling a story?

I have had my Model S since December 19, 2012. I love it!!!!!!!!!
Driving a MOdel S takes a little thought, expeience and planning. People such as the NYT reporter seemed to lack at least one or maybe more of these. I now have over 5,000 miles on the odometer and frequently drive over 200 miles per trip. On a standard trip with the with the standard charge I have reached hme with 10, 11 and 3 miles of range. The 3 was a little scary but I made it. By careful driving at 50 MPH (not in the interstate) one can pick up range and I have picked up as much as 16 miles range on a 102 mile trip. On a Maximum charge I have returned with 70 miles range on a 185 mile trip. My advide is don't set out to damn the car, plan ahead and think.

I got a diesel car in 1978 when the only diesel gas stations were on the highways. My car held 20 gallons and I got 25 mpg so I had 500 miles between fill ups. At first, I would start to look for stations at 1/2 tank, then as I became more comfortable with the range I waited until 1/4, then until the E. There were times that I got so good at estimating how far the car would go, that I ran out of gas. Fortunately, my wife became skilled at locating a diesel station and getting gas to me.

I've had my S for two weeks and have the same beginning worries that I had with the diesel. I'm older, more careful and maybe a bit smarter. And, my wife won't be able to rescue me with a 3 mile extension cord.

What I have learned is that there are remedies available if you start looking soon enough. You don't want to wind up without airspeed, altitude and ideas all at the same time.

That's why I like to wait and see before they get all the bugs out. It takes time when a new model comes out. I'm system analysts and software engineer. When you write software for new product. It's impossible to get it right. The more the people use it the more the engineers are able to deal with the bugs. Model S Is no different then your smart phone when it has bugs and have to be updated. Even my Mercedes SL Which has something like 52 computers onboard has update. The more people are able to use the car the more the bugs are able to update. It took Apple iPhone four years to get 95% of the bugs out. Model S is same. Thank god the software hasn't crashed yet.

@nickniketown@gm... | FEBRUARY 17, 2013: It took Apple iPhone four years to get 95% of the bugs out. Model S is same.

The original iPhone, just like the "original" Model S, was a perfectly usable device that was ahead of its competition. I don't know where you get the 95% iPhone bugs figure you are talking about, but just like the Model S, there will always be an improved product to come down the line: there will always be a faster, cheaper, lighter, etc. product. The question is, "Do you want to wait and not enjoy what is available now". Your answer is obviously that you'll wait. Some of us are older and would rather enjoy what is available now, rather than wait for the future unknown.


I gave up my SL and C4S for the Model S and will never look back (although do need an ICE for travel longer than 150 miles). Using an old saw, you are cuting off your nose to spite your face - one more year waiting is one less year to enjoy the car.

Wait all you want while the rest of us are out driving perfectly well in the most advanced cars ever made - far superior than ANY MB, Porsche or BMW that I have owned, and we don't have to wait - mine it is sitting downstairs. You will live only so long, and these small software issues are just that - small. No one is having any problem driving the car except a certain NYT reporter. You come across as an uninformed whiner.

It is absolutely a silly and foolish idea to wait an innovative creation to be "perfect" to enjoy it. If someone held such foolish view on automobile, he would stll ride a horse today (if he could live this long).

I'm curious to understand the motive behind reporting these issues. I bought a new 2012 Toyota Prius (for my son) that has been to the Toyota service dealer three times in seven months. (Note: the Model S is mine) There have been issues, mostly minor issues from electronic/software related bugs, etc. This is normal stuff with any car: hybrid, electric or other.


Do all respect I have three cars. I love all my cars including the SL. Sorry with the top down the SL beat any car in the summer sun. Including the model S.

I used a have GM EV1. First time I got electric car I was like you I was like WOW!!. After a while you come down to earth and you notice is just a car. I know all about electric cars they're all the same. I drove every EV that is around today. My brother has a Model S. I even had it for a weekend when he took my S550 to go down to Boston. They're all amazing and fun to drive. No exceptions. They are all quiet, fast and all have one gear. No rush only fools rush in.

Owners are reporting problems last 3 months. Some are lucky have no problems and some are not so lucky have problems I don't want to be one of them. There is more to life than just a car. I have reserved one for later this year or early next year. Jason from Tesla call me... anytime you're ready will put your order in. BTW it's going to be Blue Performance and all the options. George Blankenship email me too. They're addressing the windshield cracking which is a problem.

I'm happy you have one. You should get a ICE car for those long trips unless you want to be like the NY time reporter.

EV - ICE = SMUG - SMOG > 0

I disagree. I think Microsoft is the most expensive beta...


I have plenty of ICE cars too. But not buying a Model S solely because of some teething problems is nuts.

You prefer your SL550 for reliability? PLEASE! My SL550 was constantly in the shop and had many more reported problems than the Model S. Check out the MB SL web forum if you want to see REAL complaints. The compaints here are minor by comparison.

Top down is nice, but we have way cooler classic cars for that. And the pano roof option.

We are very happy "beta testers" at our house. Love our car can't go back ever!

So far my "beta testing" has contributed little to Tesla. The car is just too damn good to start with!

I'm also in line to 'beta test' the Model X and pretty much any other 'beta' that Tesla rolls out.


PLEASE don't insult my intelligence. How many cars does MB make a year. MB quality control is far superior than Tesla. No car is perfect. Tesla has not even made 3,000 cars yet and the percentage owner complaining ratio is 20 times more the MB. I don't need any numbers. The media who test drive the car all say it's great car Model S but fall short in ride and handling. I have hydraulic suspension (ABC) which is better than any air sespension. Plus interior is not as MB or BMW luxury standards at that price. I can live with that. That why I'm waiting untill Tesla get there quality control to par.

As for my SL 550 it has 70,000 miles still have my original break pads. Still have original sparks plugs. I don't need to change my transmission oil till 150,000 same thing with my cooling. The only thing I change is my oil for the engine every 12,000 miles. My service maintenance yearly is $500. Now can you explain to me why once a year Model S maintenance is $600 every 12,000 miles when Model S doesn't even have a engine or transmission.

All in all I don't want to agree with you. My brother has one and I drove it couple of times. I can afford any car I want. I have a reservation for a Model S P85 but don't put SL down. If SL was electric it would be amazing as if Tesla sport car was a SL. BTW MB SLS electric is coming soon that does 200 mph. But they limited to 150 mph.

I have one waiting for me next year or after when they release it. Enjoy your Model S. I love Model S but don't put MB down.

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