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Is Tesla Motors going to organise a "Get Amped Tour" in The Netherlands any time soon? For a test drive in the Tesla Model S?

Because we then would not have to go abroad for a test drive in the Model S?

this week is the benelux "GET AMPED TOUR. This take place in Antwerp from Thursday, 7 February untill Sunday 10 February.
probably all places already occupied.

Is there some kind of a calender on which you can see when and where all these "Get Amped Tours" are taking place?

if you are a reservation holder you get an invitation
the next possibility will be when the stores open in your country

Yes, there will be a Service Center in Amsterdam. Is that the same as a store?

@Benz - the events page usually lists them. Just showing photos right now. Don't know why.

Hmmm the spam filter won't allow the link, but at the TM homepage navigate to Model S | Test drive. At least that works when your'e browsing the Danish version of the site.

No, they are different. The stores are just for display and publicity and so on.

I have made a reservation this morning :-). Can anyone tell what the adress is of the Get Amped Tour in Antwerpen this weekend? I missed the invitation and all test drives are probably already booked. But I just want to see the car in real life and for me Antwerpen is ony 45 minutes of driving.

Is there some information about how to contact the people of Tesla Motors in Antwerpen?

@RhoonNL - It's at the Crowne Plaza

Gerard Legrellelaan 10 2020 Antwerpen

Tesla site mentions:
We won't stop there! Once we've completed these first test drives, look out for a test drive vehicle in your local store soon.
In Eindhoven is a store. So call them !

@jackie.hale and patrickclearhou... : Thanks!

@martijn: I called the Tesla store in Eindhoven today: test drive vehicle in Eindhoven is expected in March / April

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